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8 Ways To Be A Healthy Human Today
Aug 14

8 Ways To Be A Healthy Human Today

August 14, 2013 - 8 years ago

Stop your liquid addictions 

...and were not talking about the big nasty addictions you’re thinking. I am talking about the ones that 95% of us have developed. That daily coffee, that daily sugar in your tea, or worst, that daily coke, or EVEN worse, that daily DIET coke. These things are fine (sort of) every now and then, but don’t be fooled. If you have to have one of these on a daily basis, your body is addicted to a nasty and unnatural food source, and you need to ween yourself off, and make them a ‘sometimes’ drink.  

Walk a little more 

At lunchtime today, promise yourself to leave the office, get some sun, some wind, some rain. Walk to see your colleagues up on level 2. Not only is it ten times more productive, you might actually get a quicker answer if you are hovering over their desk. Plus its social, people will like seeing a new smiling face drifting through the desks. This is dead simple.

Commit to something  

Humans are goal orientated things, so go and commit to something, a challenge for yourself, and NOT a weight loss challenge (that is really hard and daunting to measure). Sign up for a race, or adventure There are tons going on this year in Sydney, every level of fitness, and interest. Pick one that you know will be difficult, but you are sure you can achieve, then write out your weekly training plan to get there. Hopefully if that training schedule is hard enough it will keep you off the booze to often each week. Bonus.

Sign up for a team sport 

This is seriously important to your health and wellbeing. Why? Because you are 100% more likely to turn up and work out if you have your team mates depending on you. This is at least one way a week you can guarantee you will get some fitness in. What’s more it will be social, and you can have some fun with it, maybe meet new people. You can play in a serious league or try a different sport each season in a rec league, like Urban Rec.


Find your local farmers market and head there each weekend. Everyone needs more vegies, and fruit in their diet, and frankly, everyone should be eating that alone more often. So get there, talk to the farmers, you know where the food is coming from you know its organic, and you are helping local farmers, and the Australian economy, and saving money. You don’t need another reason.

Write your ‘Just4Me’ Diet 

Stop following fads, and diets, no matter how natural and normal they might seem. Find what is right for you, take a little bit from each one, and create a “Just4Me diet” if you do your research, and listen to your body you will know what works best for you. Write up the rules you have created for yourself, e.g. no fast food, no carbs after midday, 4 glasses of water per day.

Wake up early 

The hardest one by far (for some). But this is every successful, and dedicated persons secret – access to STOLEN TIME. Wake up, and fit in 45 minutes of yoga, swimming, lifting, running, rowing, walk your dog, whatever it is. Lord knows it will be good for your soul too.

Keep your sanity 

save ONE night per week for your nothing night, for you to be able to sit on your indulgent bum, and do nada… OR see your friends, and enjoy yourself. And save ONE night or day for you to do your chores, so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed, don’t overbook, don’t overcommit, and go with the flow. If you don’t want to work out, then give it a rest, remember that your healthy lifestyle should be an enjoyable, and rewarding choice.

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Netball Hints and Tips
Jul 10

Netball Hints and Tips

July 10, 2013 - 8 years ago

Sometimes, it pays to be clever. Urban Rec Netball staff have put together some of their best hints, and tips you may not have thought of, or know. Use this in your weekly league nights, along with a big fat smile, and good attitude. 

  1. Did you know you can run around the outside of the pole and under the net of you are attacking or defending in the goal circle. It's a great way to escape defence, and find a better position in the goal circle
  2. Play your tallest players in more dominant positions like GA and GD
  3. Choose your power play carefully, get to know if you're team play better off the bat or if the play better warmed up
  4. Three pointers are worth the risk, if you have a good shooter, they don't only have to play shooter, they can play another offending position like GA, and score for the team from outside the circle. If you score 3 points in your power round, you're looking at 6 points. 
  5. On the other hand, three pointers in your power round, are a big risk. If you miss all your shots, you may end up not taking advantage of your power round.  
  6. When defending, stick on your opposing player. It might seem obvious, but this is the best way to keep them from scoring
  7. Be careful of big lobbed throws, they can be good if throwing to a taller person, but remember if there are tall people on the opposition, it gives them an easy way to intercept. 
  8. If you are a shooter, and you land, you can actually take another step forward n your pivot foot. Your defender will have to get back, and you can get in a better position for the shot. 
  9. Rebounds are your friend, they can be the pivotal moment in between goal, and no goal, make sure your GK or GD is always ready 
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How To Work Out When You Hate Excersise
May 18

How To Work Out When You Hate Excersise

May 18, 2013 - 8 years ago

Blog post by Darya Rose. Originally published Jan 3, 2011.

You know who you are. As hard as you’ve tried, you’ve never liked going to the gym. Maybe you’ve even hired a personal trainer a few times, hoping the added expense and accountability would be enough motivation to turn you into a regular gym rat.

But it didn’t work.

Every time you’ve started an ambitious workout program with the goal of getting in shape, something–you’re not even sure what–cuts you short before you’ve reached your goal.

Deep down though, you know what the problem is: you don’t like working out. It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable, it’s sweaty and the weight room has a weird smell. You don’t like how you look in those stupid clothes, and who even has time for that sorta thing anyway?

But still you wonder about those people who are in the gym all the time. What’s their secret? How do they stay motivated day after day and year after year? Are they a different species? Or is there something they know that you don’t?

Few people on this earth were born with an innate love of the gym. But what generally separates people who like working out from those who don’t is pretty simple: Fitness. 

Working out sucks when you aren’t in shape. But the good news is that you don’t need to become a complete meathead to get to a place where exercise is no longer a pain. Just like learning to cook, once you reach a minimum proficiency level–in this case fitness level–exercise stops feeling bad and starts feeling good. And just like with cooking, the only way to get there is to Just Do It*.

If you’re just starting a workout program your goal shouldn’t be to get buff or lose weight. The first step is getting to a fitness level where you no longer hate to exercise. And for that all you need is consistency.

When you first start your program don’t force yourself to do anything too hard or unpleasant, just make sure that you stick with it and never quit. I hated running my entire life, so the first time I went jogging after years without any cardio training I told myself I would just run until I got tired. I literally made it about 4 blocks and went home. After a week or two I was up to 8 blocks. That was over 10 years ago and I’ve since completed three marathons. Running is no longer my go-to sport, but I’m now the fit person I’ve always wanted to be.

There’s no reason to torture yourself at the gym. Once you’re in better shape you will enjoy pushing yourself a little harder every now and then. But until you get there, just make yourself do something. Anything. Just do it regularly and don’t make excuses.

The key to being consistent is making your workout so easy/convenient/fun/awesome that not doing it just feels stupid. Here are a few tips to set you up for a lifetime of fitness.

10 Tips For Starting & Sticking With Exercise

1. Commit to consistency

This is worth repeating. Make a commitment to sticking with your plan. If you find yourself not able to meet your goals, change them so they’re easier.

2. Take baby steps

I jogged around the block for years before I got lost one day, accidentally ran 8 miles and decided marathon training no longer seemed so ridiculous. Don’t expect to turn into Superman overnight. For now just try to stop being Hedonism Bot.

3. Pick an exercise that’s fun

Not all exercise happens in the gym. Like to climb rocks? Shoot hoops? Swing the bat? Start with the fun stuff and work your way up.

4. Bring a friend, make it competitive

Having a workout partner is one of the most effective ways to be accountable and make your workout fun. Making it a competition is also great for motivation.

5. Join a sports team

Even better than one friend is a group of friends. Intramural sports teams are a fantastic way to get a few weekly workouts.

6. Get into music, podcasts and audiobooks

If your schedule isn’t conducive to group activities, your iPod still got your back. Put together an inspiring workout mix, download some of your favorite podcasts and audiobooks and whistle while you work.

7. Get a dog

You know what takes a lot of energy? Puppies! If you can’t motivate to exercise for yourself, at least do it for Fluff Fluff.

8. Caffeine charge

Sometimes a long day can make an evening workout seem impossibly difficult. At times like these, caffeine is your friend. After about half an hour you’ll need to workout to burn off that extra energy.

9. Get some nice workout clothes, shoes and mp3 player

New toys are fun. Sometimes it’s the little things that help the most.

10. Reward yourself

Doing something consistently is an accomplishment, even if your actual task seems small and insignificant. If you’ve been exercising regularly, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for many jobs well done.

What motivates you to workout?

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My New Home
Jul 27

My New Home

July 27, 2012 - 9 years ago

Jenn writes about her initial year arriving in Sydney fresh from the shores of Vancouver. A little bit about her experience, and how she found it hard to meet, and make new friends in this big bad city.

Travelling to a new city is daunting enough, and do to it alone is whole other ball game. Even if there is no language barrier, we sadly live in an age where you don't get to know thy neighbour. For anyone who has traveled  we know how important, and rewarding, and most of all exciting it is to meet new friends, and be welcomed in with open arms.

I moved to Sydney, from Vancouver, in October 2005. I was young and bright eyed on the plane anticipating beach volleyball, BBQs and the exciting life that awaited me. My reality was spot-on in some elements. No doubt Sydney is an amazing city and living minutes from Coogee beach I was definitely fulfilling many of my day dreams. The thing that hit me the hardest was one I hadn't anticipated; I was lonely. I had slotted groups of laughing smiling friends into my fantasies without putting much thought into how to meet them.

It’s difficult to get social when you’re a party of one. Don’t get me wrong, everyone I met was very friendly. At work and even at the pub I met lovely people with kind words but I wished there was something I could be apart of, with like-minded people. I looked into local sports leagues but they seemed to be after ‘athletes,’ something I’m not really. I was a fun, averagely athletic, single 24 year old, new in town and looking for people to invite to my hypothetical BBQ.

My story in Sydney has a happy ending. After three months alone reading on the beach I made some amazing friends and had those BBQs and beach volleyball games I had been dreaming of. But with a program like this geared for fun, getting active, and hanging out, I could of accomplished my friendship goals faster while getting one step closer to ‘athlete” status.  When I found out about Urban Rec it was like a light bulb went off. What a perfect outlet for young people looking to get out and meet new people. Social. Active. Fun. I couldn't have said it better.

Urban Rec isn't only a great outlet for those new to town.It’s a great league to join with a group of friends as a team, or with a friend or two, joining a singles team. But guaranteed whether you start out knowing people or not, by the end of the season you’ll have a few new numbers in your phone and maybe a date or two… another thing I came to Sydney looking for, but that’s a different story.

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