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Season Ender Tournaments FAQ's

November 3, 2016 - 4 years ago

What is a Season Ender Tournament?

Once every season, Urban Rec host’s Tournaments for you and your team mates. It’s like a finals night, or a presentation night, but more fun! Each team is entered into a mini style Tournament, where we play variations of the regular rules, and have a bit of fun. At the end, the Tournament winner is crowned, and also the Prize Winners from throughout the season claim their spoils in the Presentation Ceremony. 

I want to play in another leagues season ender, so I can try it out, is that possible?

You sure can. Just get in touch with us, and let us know which league and location you are thinking about joining. We will let you know the date and then add you to the schedule for you to try it out, for free!

Do we need to register? 

No, you don’t need to register. If your league is hosting a Tournament, your team will be automatically added to the Tournament schedule. Your schedule will be available online in the same place you see your regular games. If you don’t want to come to the Tournament, make sure you let one of our staff know. 

What are the prizes? 

If you played in the league, you could be getting your share of The Champions T-shirts, The ‘Chump’ions Prize, and Fun Points voucher. We will also be giving out prizes for the Tournament winners. 

What do I need to bring/wear?

Just bring what you would normally wear on a league night, and your usual team colour. Come ready for fun and socialising, so bring a few drinks as well for the spectating moments.

Can I bring a friend to watch or play?

Yes, specatators are more than welcome, bring them along. If they want to play, they will need to create an account, and become an Urban Rec member for free before they play! This is a great time to bring any friends or work mates who need some convincing before they sign up next season. 

Why is there no Tournament for my sport? 

Not every league will have a Tournament, so if you don’t see one for your league, make sure you register for another location or sport. 

How will we get our normal season prizes if we don’t come to a Tournament? 

If you don’t come, you will need to get your Captain or a nominated person to stop by our office in Marrickville to collect the prizes for the team. 

Only half my team can make the Tournament, but I really want to join in, can I register as an individual? 

You can reach out to another team and see if they need some extra players for the night, because it’s a friendly night, you can play with any team you like, BUT... Best option is to get your team to register. You can use subs!

Me and my team are planning to register and play in the upcoming season, can we join the tournament?

Yep, all Urban Rec members are welcome to join. All you need is your ‘fun-first’ attitude. 

What if it rains on Tournament Day? 

Certain fields and courts can be affected by rain. If we can, we will reschedule for a week later – if not, we might need to cancel, due to the projected start dates of the next season.

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