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Priority Re-Registration now offers discount for returning teams
Oct 19

Priority Re-Registration now offers discount for returning teams

October 19, 2017 - 3 years ago

We are very excited to be offering a NEW way for our returning teams to get added value. PLENTY of you have been playing within Urban Rec leagues for years – so we have found away to give you a little back, for the upcoming Summer season. 

Priority Registration is for any team that want to play with Urban Rec next season. Not only will you secure your spot ahead of any other Urban Rec members, or the general public, you will now get $60-100 off team rego. 

Here’s how it works. 

On Monday November 20th at 9am Priority Rego will open. Your team Captain will use their secret link to access registration, and the discounted fees. Priority Rego will be open for 7 days.

On Monday November 27th at 12noon all remaining team spaces will be available online and all prices will revert to regular seasonal fees. (Still a good price, but not a special price, ya know). 

That’s it!

Heres a few questions we reckon you’ll ask. 

What about individual players, do they get a discount? Sorry – individual rego remains the same price. If you and your team from last season are looking at  re-registering, consider doing it together as a team. 

What if we cannot get the team commiteed, and paid by that time? This one is especially for the organised and committed teams – you can start talking to your team now about next season so you don’t miss out. 

What if my team are signed up for Soccer, but we want to return into Dodgeball (for example)? We will co-ordinate your team to move sports and get you re-registered within priority rego period. Simply shoot us an email as it’s a bit of a trick on our end!

What if I am not the Captain, and I am going to be taking over the team next season? Make sure your Captain for the current season assigns you as Captain, and you will have access to the priority rego link to carry the team onwards!

How do we know when next season starts? Your Captains will be notified of next season start dates in their Captains chat – they are subject to change due to rain-outs or other re-shedules that can happen, but generally only a few weeks either side. The summer season generally runs Jan-Apr. Here are the tentative Summer start dates. 

  • Aussie Rules//Mon//Camperdown//15-Jan 
  • Basketball//Mon//Camperdown//15-Jan 
  • Basketball//Thurs//Redfern//18-Jan 
  • Dodgeball//Tues//Woolloomooloo//16-Jan 
  • Dodgeball//Wed//Marrickville//17-Jan 
  • Fast5Netball//Mon//Leichhardt//19-Jan 
  • Fast5Netball//Tues//Redfern//5-Dec 
  • Fast5Netball//Wed//Moore Park//31-Jan 
  • Fast5Netball//Tues//North Sydney//16-Jan 
  • 7s Netball//Thurs//North Sydney//18-Jan 
  • 7s Netball//Mon//Redfern//15-Jan//Intermediate league
  • Flag Gridiron//Mon//Camperdown//20-Nov 
  • Flag Gridiron//Tues//Centennial Park//12-Dec 
  • Flag Gridiron//Thurs//Camperdown//18-Jan//Intermediate league
  • Multisport//Wed//Redfern//17-Jan 
  • Multisport//Wed//North Sydney//13-Dec 
  • Multisport//Thurs//Pyrmont//1-Feb 
  • Multisport//Tues//Camperdown//6-Feb 
  • Rebound Volleyball//Tues//Sydney Uni//12-Dec 
  • Outdoor Soccer//Tues//Moore Park//16-Jan 
  • Street Soccer//Tues//Pyrmont//14-Nov 
  • Street Soccer//Thurs//North Sydney//18-Jan 
  • Street Soccer//Thurs//Camperdown//1-Feb 
  • Caged Soccer//Thurs//Marrickville//18-Jan//Intermediate league
  • Caged Soccer//Sun//Marrickville//21-Jan 
  • Softball//Tues-Fri//Moore Park//6-Feb 
  • Touch Football//Wed//Glebe//7-Feb 
  • Touch Football//Thurs//Camperdown//18-Jan 
  • Return to Recess//Tues//Pyrmont//29-Jan 
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