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Urban Rec Love Story 2021
Feb 14

Urban Rec Love Story 2021

February 14, 2021 - 7 months ago

Love is grand. We all know it. Hey you, don’t be cynical! This year we let our romantic side run wild and decided to sit down and have a chat with ONE OF MANY Urban Rec love stories. 

So, we had a chat with Sunny, who  – through being an Urban Rec host, met his current girlfriend, Tamara. We asked him to share a little bit about his experience of working for and then finding love though Urban Rec!

How long have you been hosting with UR, what sport do you host?

I’ve been hosting for around 1 year (although COVID was a factor). I’ve done roughly 2 full seasons though of touch and host Wed, Thurs and Sun on  the regular now.

How did you meet Tamara and how long have you been dating?

We met at the UR staff party back in July (31st to be exact) and went on a date literally one week after. Guess things went well cause she didn’t leave  me for the whole weekend haha! And we’ve kinda been seeing each other ever since.

How do you have time to see each other when you're hosting all the time?

We definitely make time to see each other and spend most nights together. We either host / play near the same venue or are lucky in that we have the same nights off so can see each other.

What's your favourite sport to play and host?

Love touch through and through. I started my UR ‘career’ playing touch in an indie team as I wanted to get back into sport and then somehow  transitioned into hosting. It’s what I know best and I love the fast paced nature of it.

Tell us why online dating sucks? (if you know?)

You can’t get a true sense of character of someone over the internet, so much harder to break the ice and actually strike up a convo.

Do you think UR is a good place to meet potential suitors (for members and staff)?

Most definitely, you meet a wonderful variety of people and the clubhouses are a great way to get to know both your teammates (esp if you’re an indie  team) and other teams that are there. There are so many wonderful people part of the UR family you’re bound to meet someone you connect  with!

Whats your favourite thing about Tamara?

Honestly everything. She’s a ball of fun to be around and one of the sweetest persons. We can talk easily with each other and bounce off each other.

One weird/quirky/funny thing about Tamara?

She twitches while she falls asleep and sometimes wakes herself up by doing it! It’s adorable, cute, and quite funny at the same time. She’s also wildly competitive and CANNOT handle losing in any capacity, drives her mental and won’t talk to me!

Are you looking to meet new people in Sydney through sport? Join Urban Rec as an individual and get matched with a whole team of like minded individuals. There’s no promises here, maybe you will just make some great friends, but hey – maybe there’s more waiting. 

Click here to see our current availabilities on individual teams. 

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Urban Rec launches in Wollongong!
Feb 3

Urban Rec launches in Wollongong!

February 3, 2021 - 7 months ago

In 2021, Urban Rec will have been in business for 10 years! – and now, this social sports club is bringing it’s exciting new concept to Wollongong!

The sports club is focused on making sport accessible to all people, no matter their level of experience. The judgement free environment is created through careful consideration about how events run and close attention to keeping the fun people involved... and the douche bags out.

Wollongong was a natural next step with Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle already established locations. With an expanding population and a younger demographic, bringing Urban Rec to Wollongong will be a huge opportunity for the community to access sport and social events in a way they have not seen.

Fun points, theme nights, pub nights, social events, and access to niche sports like Dodgeball and Flag Gridiron are just a few reasons the community will enjoy having Urban Rec in town.

The new leagues will be starting in February 2021, with over 20 teams and 40+ individuals already registered. Urban Rec will be offering Soccer, Netball, Flag Gridiron, Basketball and Multisport! Next season? Expect Dodgeball and Beach Volleyball.

To find out more about Urban Rec in Wollongong head to https://sydney.urbanrec.com.au/regions/wollongong or visit @urbanrecwollongong on social media

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