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Mates Day!
May 3

Mates Day!

May 3, 2021 - 4 months ago

Urban Rec is all about connecting people through sport. Our individual teams are THE BEST way to make new mates in this city. This week, we wanna celebrate all the NEW MATES you guys have met through playing with Urban Rec!!

Here’s how individual teams work. Urban Rec opens individual teams into most of our leagues before the season begins. On a first come, first serve basis teams fill up with like-minded, fun-loving individuals. Once the team is full, it gets entered the league. There are TONS of member perks that come as part of being and UR member as well as playing in an individual team.

Most of our individual teams end up developing their own identities and become part of the Urban Rec family.  It is a great way to meet some people, have some fun and get active.

See the individual FAQ’s 

So, it’s Mates Day this Saturday (May 8) – and we wanna see you guys getting together with your mates from Urban Rec! This week, if you and your teammates get together for some food or a bevvy, tag us (@urbanrecaus) – and we will get you a sixer at your league next week!

Share the love for #matesday and if you can’t see your mates face to face, call someone and tell them. “I love you mate”.

Don’t take our word for it… Here’s Claire.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 days ago

Hands down the best way to meet new friends through signing up as an individual and joining any team/league. Absolute legends that run the show and awesome people playing in every comp. Down to earth people who are also down for the pub! What else could you want from social sport! 😄⭐️

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