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4 Really Stupid Obvious Reasons Workplaces Should Consider Recreational Sports
Jan 26

4 Really Stupid Obvious Reasons Workplaces Should Consider Recreational Sports

January 26, 2018 - 3 years ago

If you didn’t know by now, coporate wellness matters. The happiness of your staff can directly impact how they show up to work each day. Do they bring their sparkle, do they understand one another, do they know how to work as a team? These are things you need to sort out, and we can help. Urban Rec offers a range of ways for your most valuable assets to bond, play, sweat, and laugh. These basic human requirements don’t go away as you become an adult in the corporate world. 

Here are 5 stupidly obvious reasons your company should consider adding social sports to your company perks. 

SWEAT EQUITY. Der. It doesnt take any level of superior intelligence to know that people need to get their sweat on. Let's not even bore ourselves with the proven science. The shiny, sweaty face after someone has played 40 mins of Dodgeball or Soccer is invaluable. Your people need to sweat. It's that simple. #worksweatplay

BE A TEAM, PLAY AS A TEAM. You need to know that working towards something trivial (debatable) like a goal, or a point on the sports field speaks VOLUMES for what happens in the work place. It's subconscious, and phycolocially instilled in us on a human level that no manager can do by sending a motivational email. "Dear Team, Let's start working as a team - Sincerely, Bad People Manager MANFI" (Masters in No Fu*k#ng Idea)

GOODBYE SILOS. Finance don't talk to Sales, don't talk to IT. It's INSANE. When did spending 8 hours in the same (room) get so impersonal. Workplace collaboration is not about what you know, it's about who you know. Get to KNOW Ben from IT when you're encouraging him to defend the line in a game of Flag Gridiron. Get to KNOW who people are beyond their keyboard. *violently shakes the keyboard in the air in frustration*

KIDULTING IS A THING. if you are your team are too busy "adulting" you need to re-think EVERYTHNG. Being a grown up sucks, your ankle hurts, your too busy for recreation, and you got bills to pay. STOP your team from thinking like this. Sprinkle some variety in their day. Make them feel energised at work, excited, playful and young again. Make them spend 40 mins of their evening throwing Dodgeballs at other people before they head home and watch the MAGIC unfold. *spirit fingers*

Urban Rec witnesses a lot of teams who want so badly to be involved, they don’t wait for their company. They all get together and register for a sport thats close to work. BUT if you wanted to pioneer this effort, we offer plenty of ways for you to help you staff reap the benefits.

We make it easy with an annual discounted membership which allows the staff to try multiple sports and locations throughout the year.  Find out more here.

We host team building event on both small and large scale for any time of year, any time of day. See Urban Rec Events.

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