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Whats On: August In Sydney
Jul 23

Whats On: August In Sydney

July 23, 2018 - 3 years ago


Join Urban Rec staff and members as we race-walk through the worlds biggest fun run. We will have Urban Rec Elmo running with us, as well as a special picnic at the finish line. Join our crew by RSVP’ing online and you will get a special UR merch pack to wear on the day including a t-shirt, sunnies, and hat. RSVP HERE. 


The Urban Rec Social Committee (UR SoCo) is responsible for creating, hosting, and planning different types of events to attend and create for our members. We are now actively looking for committee members to join us for the 2018/2019 planning! RSVP HERE. 


We're looking for 10-20 people to join us for a sunny day of games in the park. We are launching Return to Recess, and we have 30 games to trial. Turn up with a friend, or friends, and we will set you through your paces playing a selection of fun, random games from your days of school.  After each game, you will be asked to rate the game based on FUN, FITNESS, and INTEREST LEVEL. Games will be everything from Backyard Cricket to Pacman, to Tips, and skipping, piggy in the middle, and plenty more. RSVP HERE. 

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How to play competitively in a social sports league, without being a dick
Jul 19

How to play competitively in a social sports league, without being a dick

July 19, 2018 - 3 years ago

White line fever is real. You’re a good human normally, but as asoon as you cross that line onto the field something takes over. 

We run competitive sports, you’re playing to win. We get it, and what’s the point in playing if you don’t want to win, right? But NEWSFLASH, there’s a way to win gracefully. 

We spoke to our event hosts to get their tips on how to play competitvely in a social sports league, without being a dick. 

Don’t exploit weaknesses in other teams. If you are playing against a player who is relatively beginner, and you are more experienced, move away from this player and mark someone else who is more challenging.Donald, UR Canberra

Competitive doesn’t = aggressive. You can play hard, and skillful without being intimidating or aggressive. Smile. It lets the opposition know you are having fun, and you don’t mean anything agressive in your game.Mads, UR Sydney

If your team want to play hard, don’t then get upset when your opposition meets you at that level. Sometimes a good, heated, and competitive game is what people want, but if your opposition sense your energy, they will meet you there, don’t get upset because you set the tone. Sam, Touch Footy

If you can see a team are competely beginner, smashing them on the scoreboard does absolutely nothing. It makes them feel like shit, and you look like a pack a douche bags. Find a way to challenge your team, and have fun with it. Work on your defense, or make some challenging passes, or shots for fun.Danny, Soccer

Don’t show off. Remind yourself this is a local social sports game, you look silly side stepping and running trick shots, if you want to level up your play, save it for the big league” Daniel, Flag Gridiron

Praise the opposition, keep your talk positive and only about your team and have a laugh! Even if you play hard but fair, the way you conduct yourself goes a long way. You should be excited to play every team even if one has more ability than the other, the social aspect brings fun to every week!" Zak, Multisport

“Engage the other team. Always start and finish each session with a handshake no matter what. Have some banter. Make sure there is a joke or two going between you and the oppositon, it helps to ease any tension during play. Be self-deprecating. Laugh at yourself went you miss a shot or fumble the ball. Congratulate the other team if they make a good shot, block or steal. You want to be friends with these people in the pub after the game, and you want them to come back next season to play.” Andy, Basketball

“Learn the rules of the sport that you're going to be playing, don't be afraid to ask more experienced players (on your team or the opposition) for a little guidance and ask the host for clarification if you don't understand something. If you're an experienced player, don't try to exploit rules and play within the spirit of the game.” Jamie, Netball

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Whats On: July in Sydney
Jul 2

Whats On: July in Sydney

July 2, 2018 - 3 years ago

It’s due to be a HUGE month at Urban Rec Sydney, so we decided to make it simple. This is your chance to play sport with us this Winter. Some of our leagues have already launched, but the bulk is happening this July. 

Play Soccer

Choose from our Street Soccer leagues in North Sydney and Camperdown on Thursday nights. Or join the outdoor Soccer league in Maroubra. Our Centennial Park league is now on hold till September. 

Play Flag Gridiron 

We consolidated our Flag Gridiron leagues for the Winter and are now running just one league on Monday nights in St Peters. But do not worry. Our Eastern Suburbs league will be back in the Spring on Tuesday nights!

Play Dodgeball

Launching in the first week of July, our Dodgeball leagues are both raring to go. The Wed nights in Marrickville are a sold out event, and the Tuesday league in Woolloomooloo is going strong and with a new clubhouse this season, we are excited to show the teams a fun time this Winter!

Play Netball

Our Netball leagues are super popular, and even though most of them are outdoors, netballers bloody love it. You can choose from 3 types of Netball. Your regular 7-aside Netball on Monday nights in Redfern. Then Fast5 Netball on Tuesdays in Redfern and Wednesdays in Moore Park. We also have another version of Netball played in North Sydney on Wednesdays, this is called Street Netball, and it’s so different, but so fun. 

Play Multisport

Our ever-popular Multisport leagues are all looking to start up again. We have our Wednesday night competition in Redfern, and one in North Sydney which normally attracts the after work crowd. Then our OG league, which is in Pyrmont on Thursday nights. Each of our locations offer varying types of sport including Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Tag Footy, Dodgeball, Soccer, and even Benchball. You never know what you’re going to get, and it makes for lots of fun. 

Play Volleyball

Our Rebound Volleyball league is consistently the most fun sport we offer. Played on a squash court this variation of regular indoor volleyball is good for beginners, and people wanting to try something new or test their skills. We always get 6-8 teams every season, and the tunes, and post game drinks makes this league different and unique. Where will we launch the next one?

Play Basketball

Our Basketball leagues are famously different and more fun. We offer the skill level thats for beginners and people not wanting to take it too seriously. So it’s all the good parts of streetball and pickup, built into a league with consistent games, and teams. You can play in this league on Thursday nights in Redfern. Starting very soon. 

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