About Us


After discovering all the wonderful leagues and meeting fabulous people around the world, I came home to Sydney and saw there was nothing to service the 'underdogs' in sport. You know... the people that just want to have some fun with it, and not take it all to seriously. Just get fit. meet new people, and have fun at the same time. Is that too much to ask?.....well, not really.

I played with Urban Rec in Vancouver which is a household name over there. I was put on an individual team with a bunch of cool cats. We never won a game, but heck, did we have fun. We played every week just so we could laugh, and have a run around. The after game drinks were just as important as the game, and I was left with 11 great friends, and a thirst for social sports. ​

I soon realised that Sydney deserved to have some fun too. Ever met someone new, and thought, "Wow, what a legend." Or finished doing something different, and thought "Dam, I should do this more often". Well this is why Urban Rec exists. We are committed to bringing the people of Sydney (and Australia one day) Recreational, non competive sports. Come down and watch any of our league nights, you will see people smiling, laughing, and truly enjoying them selves. That's the golden moments. ​


We live in a world where getting of the couch is hard. Losing weight is hard. We can fix that. Commit to a 12 week season, and you won't be on the couch, because you won't want to let your team down. You will be on the field running around, jumping, leaping, throwing, catching, dodging, whatever it is....plus, as a club we do so much more, Fun Runs, Mud Runs, Adventure's, Rock Climbing, Trapeze, Kayaking, whatever it feels like to be alive, and active. We are doing it.​


Being a grown up can sometimes be lonely. Often you get locked into friends from highschool and don't know how to branch out. Or maybe you just moved to the area, for work, for fun, for school. OR like me, you realise there is an amazing endless supply of best friends waiting to meet you. We bring it together, break down the barriers, and all of a sudden Urban Rec has brought you a network of friends you will have for life. You can sign up as an individual and meet a whole team. Or bring your own team, and no doubt you will be socialising with everyone in the league!​​


The key element. We do several things to make sure the games are fun, your opposition is fun, even the UR Reps are in on the deal. We give prizes to the most "Rec" team, and each team have the chance to give "Rec Points" to their opposition.What point is there to doing anything if it isn't fun? We organise end of season parties, trips, and weekends away, outings, and pub crawls, trivia nights, you name it. This element is what seperates us from the other sports leagues out there. This is what we do best.

We would love the opportunity to meet all the people out there who have this stuff in their blood. All the people that think life should be a little bit more exciting, and that every day is a new adventure. Even if you don't have the thirst yet, but you want it... you have come to the right place…​

Welcome to Urban Rec