ABOUT URBAN REC SOFTBALL: Softball is just the perfect summer Sport. We only run it when the sun is shining, which means it’s impossible to be in a bad mood playing Softball. We supply everything you need except a glove. Get your mates organised, and batter up! Here’s a few things you get when you sign up to play Softball with Urban Rec. 

👫TWO DEDICATED URBAN REC STAFF: Every league has a dedicated League Manager, and Event Host. If you are new to the sport, you can expect some coaching tips, and support as you or your team learn the basics. Your League Manager will ensure your season is a second-to-none experience.

🏆AWESOME PRIZES: Each season we honor both the most fun team & the league ladder champs with an ever changing array of prizes from Merch & Booze to Trophies & Partner Vouchers. We also love to provide spot prizing throughout the season for the most fun players that exhibit great sportsmanship.

🍺POST GAME PUB DEALS: We have negotiated deals on food & drink at various venues across our city. Checkout our Clubhouses page to view the deals, and your nearest Clubhouse. This is just one of the perks of being a Member. We hand-pick and taste-test, the best venue for you! 

🎶SOCIAL EVENTS AND TOURNEYS: Throughout the year we have quite the jam-packed social events calendar, we annually host the one-off sports tourneys such as Soccer World Cup, Superbowl Sunday's, Netball Carnivals & Touch Footy World Series! We also hold some of the most outrageous social events and parties, to name just a few...Disco-Bus Foot-Golf Day, Brewery Tours, Secret Cities Amazing Race Scavenger hunts!

🤙ACCESS TO SOCIAL AND SUBS FB GROUPS: If you need a sub for the week, or even if you are looking for extra games, you can find people, and play sports for FREE by using our Subs Page in Facebook. If you want to get more social, and join our active events, you get full access too!

Below is a list of the upcoming leagues, and locations. Click through to learn more about each league, and info on how to register as an individual or with your team.