Meet The Team


We have an amazing team at Urban Rec HQ that works hard behind the scenes to ensure that everyone’s experience is the best it can possibly be. Here are a few familiar faces. If you haven’t shared a drink with any of these peeps then you aren’t doing it right. 


Mads is the Aussie founder of Urban Rec and has spent the last 11 years growing Urban Rec to where it is today.
​​Her passion is bringing people together, and organizing kick-ass events. She is also, ironically… terrible at sports. She was never encouraged to play as a kid, and as a result, pretty much sucks at most sports, but loves trying, which epitomizes what Urban Rec is all about!



Danny is an experienced sports professional with years of Rugby under his belt, he brings lots of experience around creating communities, member experience, and sports coaching. His skillset is in building social experiences, but he is also very good at disciplining the dickheads and making nice cups of tea. He hails from the Midlands and most people struggle to understand what he’s saying. 

Danny Skidmore


Ryan “Rowdy” is our league ops manager. He has a degree in Sports Management and a killer instinct for running good leagues. He may seem fun and flirty, but behind closed doors, this young man is old at heart, our resident retiree. He is a really handy guy to have around, actually. He goes alright at Cricket and in the pub… hence the name “Rowdy”. Make sure you catch him for a beer one night! 


sam priestley, LEAGUE manager

Sam “Sammy Boi” is our gun senior league manager. He is the ultimate nice guy and loves spreading the vibes at the leagues he runs. Known for his humor, charm, and unbelievable cooking skills... he is a real catch. Have a chat with Sam you will be laughing, have a beer with Sam and you will be in stitches! 


Elias Ghannoum, LEAGUE manager

Elias is the newest addition to the team and has fit in great as a league manager! They are our netball and sausage sizzle guru. Elias is our idea’s person in the office and loves picking up on the latest social media trends. Since Elias’ time here, they have taken a passion for Multisport and the great variety of sports on offer each week. Say G’day to Elias when you bump into them. 



On top of that, we have a wonderful team of Event Hosts who make Urban Rec league nights an epic experience. Here are just a few familiar faces!

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