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How Urban Rec was founded

October 8, 2019 - 12 days ago

Have you ever wanted to hear about how Urban Rec landed on the shores of Sydney, Canberra and now Newcastle? This podcast interview is with our Aussie founder, Madeleine Wilkie, and tells the story of how we started with a bunch of flyers and a dream. 

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Batch Brewing X Urban Rec
Sep 17

Batch Brewing X Urban Rec

September 17, 2019 - one month ago

Urban Rec is all about sport, but we are equally invested in what happens after the game. The third half. The part where you and your new mates share a laugh and a cheers over your favourite brew. This spring season, Batch Brewing Co have come on board with us, as our sponsor partners for this season. This can mean only one thing. More deals for Urban Rec members on Batch beers, and more prizes and giveaways for UR Awesome crew, and our members. 

Batch was founded on similar principals to Urban Rec, launched in 2012, same year as us – Batch is North American inspired, but Aussie grown brand. With their roots planted in Sydneys inner west, just like Urban Rec, they have their sights set further and wider. They recently launched a new venue in Petersham, and as the craft beer scene continues to dominate, we could not be more stoked to partner with a company that has consistently stayed relevant in a big beer market. 

Here is a list of new perks available to Urban Rec members

  • $10 paddles at any Batch Brewing Co, Brewery in Sydney
  • $18 jugs of Batch Brew Co at any of the participating clubhouses (Check with your League Manager or Event Host to see if this applies to your clubhouse!)
  • Fun Point winners this season, win a FREE Batch Brewing Frisbee!
  • NEW team tee’s for individual players featuring Batch Brewing Co!
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Spring 2019 Start Dates

September 10, 2019 - one month ago

A helpful list of each out our leagues for Spring, in order of start date!

Netball-7s Mon Redfern 02-Sep SOLD OUT
Multisport Wed Alexandria 11-Sep SCHEDULED
Caged Soccer Thurs Marrickville 12-Sep SOLD OUT 
Caged Soccer Sun Marrickville 15-Sep SOLD OUT
Basketball Wed Sydenham 18-Sep
Street Soccer Tues Pyrmont 24-Sep
Floor Hockey Wed Alexandria 25-Sep
Indoor Soccer Wed Alexandria 25-Sep
Street Soccer Wed Zetland 25-Sep
Fast-5-Netball Mon Leichhardt 30-Sep
Multisport Tues Netball Stadium, Homebush 01-Oct NEW LEAGUE
Rebound Volleyball Tues Camperdown 01-Oct
Aussie Rules Thurs St Peters 03-Oct
Dodgeball Thurs Marrickville 03-Oct
Fast-5-Street-Netball Thurs Camperdown 03-Oct
Multisport Thurs Pyrmont 03-Oct
Dodgeball Tues Woolloomooloo 08-Oct
Softball Tu/Fri Moore Park 08-Oct SPRING ONLY
Fast-5-Netball Wed Moore Park 09-Oct
Netball-7s Wed Moore Park 09-Oct NEW LEAGUE
Outdoor Soccer Thurs Hensley 10-Oct NEW VENUE
Rebound Volleyball Thurs Camperdown 10-Oct
Backyard Cricket Fri Moore Park 11-Oct SPRING ONLY
Basketball Mon Waverly 14-Oct
Flag Gridiron Thurs Barks Hut Reserve 17-Oct NEW LEAGUE
Street Soccer Thurs Camperdown 17-Oct
Touch Football Thurs Barks Hut Reserve 17-Oct
Fast-5-Netball Tues Redfern 22-Oct
Outdoor Soccer Tues ES Marks, Centennial Park 22-Oct
Touch Football Tues ES Marks, Centennial Park 22-Oct
Dodgeball Wed Marrickville 23-Oct
Touch Football Wed Camperdown 23-Oct
Street Soccer Thurs North Sydney 24-Oct
Netball-7s Mon Moore Park 28-Oct
Fast-5-Street-Netball Wed North Sydney 30-Oct
Multisport Wed North Sydney 30-Oct
Netball-7s Thurs Redfern 31-Oct .
Touch Football Thurs Camperdown 31-Oct
Netball-7s Mon Waverly 04-Nov NEW VENUE
Touch Football Wed Glebe 06-Nov
Flag Gridiron Mon Waterloo 11-Nov
Basketball  Thurs Redfern 21-Nov
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More Social, Less Media

September 2, 2019 - one month ago

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Spring Into Sport! Social Style....

August 28, 2019 - one month ago

As we cuddle in hoodies and drink hot beverages, sprign is just weeks away!  Start thinking about putting a bounce in your step this spring with some social sport!  All our spring leagues are now online for you to join in the fun.  Once you’ve decided, you can REGISTER A TEAM or REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL.


  • 03 Oct = Aussie Rules – Thurs @ St. Peter’s


  • 11 Oct = Backyard Cricket – Fri @ Moore Park


  • 18 Sept = Basketball – Wed @ Sydenham
  • 14 Oct = Basketball – Mon @ Bondi/Waverly Park
  • 21 Nov = Basketball – Thurs @ Redfern


  • 03 Oct = Dodgeball – Thurs @ Marrickville
  • 08 Oct = Dodgeball – Tues @ Woolloomooloo
  • 23 Oct = Dodgeball – Wed @ Marrickville


  • 12 Sept = Flag Gridiron – Thurs @ Strathfield
  • 28 Oct = Flag Gridiron – Mon @ Waterloo


  • 25 Sept = Floor Hockey – Wed @ Alexandria


  • 01 Oct = Multisport – Tues @ Homebush
  • 03 Oct = Multisport – Thurs @ Pyrmont
  • 30 Oct = Multisport – Wed @ North Sydney


  • 26 Aug = Netball-7s – Mon @ Redfern
  • 28 Aug = Multisport – Wed @ Redfern
  • 30 Sept = Fast-5-Netball – Mon @ Leichhardt
  • 03 Oct = Fast-5-Street Netball – Thurs @ Marrickville
  • 09 Oct = Fast-5-Netball – Wed @ Moore Park
  • 22 Oct = Fast-5-Netball – Tues @ Redfern
  • 31 Oct = Netball-7s – Thurs @ Redfern
  • 04 Nov = Netball-7s – Mon @ Bondi/Waverly Park
  • 28 Oct = Netball-7s – Mon @ Moore Park
  • 30 Oct = Fast-5-Street Netball – Wed @ North Sydney


  • 01 Oct = Rebound Volleyball – Tues @ Sydney Uni


  • 12 Sept = Caged Soccer – Thurs @ Marrickville
  • 15 Sept = Caged Soccer – Sun @ Marrickville
  • 24 Sept = Street Soccer – Tues @ Pyrmont
  • 25 Sept = Indoor Soccer – Wed @ Alexandria
  • 15 Oct = Outdoor Soccer – Tues @ ES Marks, Centennial Park
  • 17 Oct = Street Soccer – Thurs @ North Sydney
  • 17 Oct = Street Soccer – Thurs @ Camperdown


  • 08 Oct = Softball – Tues/Fri @ Moore Park


  • 09 Oct = Touch Football – Wed @ Camperdown
  • 15 Oct = Touch Football – Tues @ ES Marks, Centennial Park
  • 24 Oct = Touch Football – Thurs @ Camperdown
  • 06 Nov = Touch Football – Wed @ Glebe
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UR Awesome Members
Aug 19

UR Awesome Members

August 19, 2019 - 2 months ago

Since inception, we’ve been rewarding the best, and most sportsmanlike teams using our fun points rating system. Our Fun Point system rewards you and your team for consistently making your league night enjoyable for opposing teams.  All it takes is that one team to turn a bad day, into a good one.

We believe that behind a fun team is an individual that unconditionally proves to what we stand for. Someone who emobodys the brand, the ethos, somebody who just “gets it”. Those individuals that stand out deserve the recognition for not only making things more enjoyable for their own team, but for all our members and hosts within the league.

So here it is...


UR Awesome is a group of hand-picked Urban Rec members who enthusiastically promote the culture and attitude in each league. We want to start rewarding those members, that go above and beyond to make sure you and your team have that amazing night you deserve. Your efforts and personality can do wonders to a league.

How can I be selected as UR Awesome Member? 

  • Each week, our Event Hosts are asked to nominate people they see acting, playing, or behaving in the spirit of UR, if those names appear more  than once a season, they are selected. 
  • If you are a member that invites tons of your friends to play, you will be invited by our League Managers. (We use the referral info supplied when people to become members.
  • If you are supporting us on social media (hello micro-influencers), you could be invited to join too 

What benefits do I get for being an UR Awesome member?

  • FREE or crazy discounted individual registrations
  • Merchandise
  • Free tickets to our social events
  • A ton of cool stuff from our sponsor and partner venues.
  • UR News (new leagues, new venues, upcoming events) well before even our hosts.

How does it actually work?

  • Once you’ve been selected, you will receive an email from an UR AWESOME team. This could also reflect on your login roster. The email will contain a FB Link to the exclusively private group.
  • Get notified when our HQ has free tickets, free rego, or teams that need someone as awesome as you to join
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Emu Trekkers

July 18, 2019 - 3 months ago

Has Sunday ever rolled around and you’ve thought – “where did the weekend go?”  You wasted it, you know it, we know it. So... for you,  we have gone and found ourselves on helluva crew who are hiking (bushwalking) through Sydney, and doing it for charity.  A large dose of inspiration is here, and you need to consider when you are next taking your weekend to the next level. 

Emu Trekkers is a 100% not-for-profit tour operator run by volunteer guides based in Sydney, Australia. They offer adventurous hiking tours around Sydney and Australia and use the proceeds to support the education, healthcare and welfare of disadvantaged children and youth. 

It’s pretty simple:  Hike Australia, Help Kids.

It’s clear that Urban Rec and Emu Trekkers - are a tribe of adventure lovers and experience collectors and we couldn't be more excited to be working with them in this new partnership.


  • This is an epic way to experience hidden side of Sydney, their day hikes take you outside of Sydney or behind the scenes, this is a delicious way to spend your weekend. 
  • If you are a motherfunner who likes adventure you can organise all your friends to do an overnight hike together. We are talking, challenging, physical, fun, camping, carrying, hurdling, and bonding. If you don’t have a group of mates, then join one of the tours and find some!
  • They are offering all Urban Rec members a discount to join one of their existing hikes (details below)

Discount code:

The 10% discount code for Urban Rec members is: URBANRECTREKS. And that will work on all of our products when booked on the website https://www.emutrekkers.org/

Upcoming day hike dates

You can see all of their upcoming hikes here: https://www.emutrekkers.org/trek-schedule.htm

But it's probably worth noting that generally, we do:

Their upcoming overnight hikes (hella yeah, this is the good stuff). 

Two Day Sydney Coast Hike (Funds go to UNICEF)

  • Sat 13-Sun 14 July
  • Sat 10-Sun 11 August
  • Sat 14 - Sun 15 September

Blue Mountains overnight hike and camp: (Funds go to UNICEF and ILF)

  • Sat 12 - Sun 13 October 
  • Sat 9 - Sun 10 November
  • Sat 28 - Sun 29 December

Some more useful info about Emu Trekkers:

  • The charities we currently support are the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and UNICEF. More info here 
  • How does it work? We're basically like a normal trekking company....expect we donate all of our profits to the x 2 charities above and all our guides are adventure-loving volunteers
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Winter 2019

June 5, 2019 - 4 months ago

Winter is well and truly underway, but we still have plenty of leagues launcing and plenty of teams to join. Yes, we do offer 6 week registration into some of our leagues! Once you’ve decided, you can REGISTER A TEAM or REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL.




  • 15 Aug (Thurs) = Dodgeball – Thurs @ Marrickvill
  • 19 Aug (Mon) = Basketball – Mon @ Camperdown
  • 26 Aug (Mon) = Netball – Mon @ Redfern
  • 28 Aug (Wed) = Multisport Redfern/Perry Park



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Different styles of Soccer at Urban Rec
Apr 8

Different styles of Soccer at Urban Rec

April 8, 2019 - 6 months ago

Here at Urban Rec, we have a ton of Soccer on offer, Street, Outdoor, Indoor, Caged, but what do they all mean, how are they different?

Street Soccer – Our Street Soccer leagues are a little more urban, and a little less polished. We play on different style pitches, (usually converted tennis courts). Our venue are conveniently located, but not always premium, and priced appropriately. The rules are different and have adaptations that work to suit the venue and make your game experience is fun and unpredictable. 

Soccer – Our Soccer league venues are state of the art facilities, offered at varying locations across Sydney. The one thing you need to know about Soccer is premium venues are a priority, but the venues call for different styles of the game. 

  • Caged Soccer – Played at our partner venue Kikoff, Caged Soccer is exactly what it sounds like – soccer in a cage, no out’s, no offsides, and a whole lot of running. 
  • Outdoor Soccer – Played on premium grass or astro-turf pitches, outdoor soccer is simply small sided football. 
  • Indoor Soccer – Obviously, played indoors, but still small sided. This is not regulation futsal, this is indoor soccer, 5-aside, premium sports surfaces and a lot of fun. 

One thing that doesn’t change about our leagues is the fun first policy. Some of the venues offer multiple nights a week, or multiple divisions, but if you play in an Urban Rec soccer league, you are not a Ronaldo wannabe, and you are here to have fun. 

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How Urban Rec is improving Netball
Mar 27

How Urban Rec is improving Netball

March 27, 2019 - 7 months ago

Netball is one of Aussies most beloved sports! But as we have grown the sport within our leagues we have come to realise that it’s a complicated beast, and in order to keep our players happy, here are some changes we are making…

Our Event Hosts: As you know we pride ourselves on making sure our Event Hosts are so much more than just umpires. Our staff have personality and coaching style game play. BUT we do recognise that in order to learn, you need someone who knows the rules intimately, so we are committing to hire Event Hosts who have umpire experience  or an intimate understanding of the rules. 

Calling your own contacts, offsides, and stepping: Across all of our leagues, we ask you to be adult enough to make these calls if you knowingly make a mistake. We never want our leagues to be where people come to cheat. BUT if you are a learner or you genuinely did not know you made a mistake, our Event Hosts will be making those calls for you. READ: We get tougher, and you learn when you have stuffed up, and hopefully become better at making that call for yourself next time. 

Wet weather calls: Most of our Netball leagues are outdoors, which is awesome – until it rains. But making calls can be tricky. We would like to make the call a little less subjective. While our rain out policy does not change, if the courts are wet, on most occasions we will cancel the games. Netball is tricky enough on the knees without adding further risk. This does mean you should expect 1-4 rain out’s per season, potentially extending your season to run for 11-14 weeks instead of 10. We never take away games, but you do need to plan a little longer into the season. 


STREET NETBALL:  This style of Netball is basically the gateway sport for people who are new to the sport, and want to learn more. We take away all the intimidating factors. No bibs, fewer postisions, and in some cases, fewer hoops (wow). The same principals apply, and the basics of netball remain, but this is netball re-imagined, and re-purposed for people that truly want to play a simplistic and non-intimidating version of the game. Expect to see alot more of this style game popping up, and opportunities for you to learn and play this style of Netball. 

FAST5 NETBALL: Our original and best. This is a league suited for players who want to get involved and play Netball, but they  don’t want all the snooty behaviour that can go along with Netball. This league calls for a lot less stoppage in game play, and a few adpatations to make the game a bit more unpredictable and fun.

7’S NETBALL: This is the style of Netball you have come to know and love. It’s proper 7-aside, and a more traditional version of the game. There is a bit more structure, and if you are a Netball purist, you should probably start here. HOWEVER. This is not some horrible and scary comp with faceless umpires, this is still Urban Rec style, meaning you will use fun points, and always play with a fun first attitude. We will continue to offer some more of these leagues across Sydney, but we are concious that there’s plenty of other people doing it, and we don’t want to saturate the market!

These changes we hope, will help elevate your experience and help you to choose the right league that suits you, and also understand that we are listening, and we do want to make changes if you guys are want them. It is, afterall… your sport. 

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