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Winter is coming....Play Sport. Make Friends. Stay Warm.

June 5, 2019 - 12 days ago

Winter weather is here.  It’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you’ve gotta stay inside.  Play sport, make friends & keep warm this winter!

Once you’ve decided, you can REGISTER A TEAM or REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL.




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Different styles of Soccer at Urban Rec
Apr 8

Different styles of Soccer at Urban Rec

April 8, 2019 - 2 months ago

Here at Urban Rec, we have a ton of Soccer on offer, Street, Outdoor, Indoor, Caged, but what do they all mean, how are they different?

Street Soccer – Our Street Soccer leagues are a little more urban, and a little less polished. We play on different style pitches, (usually converted tennis courts). Our venue are conveniently located, but not always premium, and priced appropriately. The rules are different and have adaptations that work to suit the venue and make your game experience is fun and unpredictable. 

Soccer – Our Soccer league venues are state of the art facilities, offered at varying locations across Sydney. The one thing you need to know about Soccer is premium venues are a priority, but the venues call for different styles of the game. 

  • Caged Soccer – Played at our partner venue Kikoff, Caged Soccer is exactly what it sounds like – soccer in a cage, no out’s, no offsides, and a whole lot of running. 
  • Outdoor Soccer – Played on premium grass or astro-turf pitches, outdoor soccer is simply small sided football. 
  • Indoor Soccer – Obviously, played indoors, but still small sided. This is not regulation futsal, this is indoor soccer, 5-aside, premium sports surfaces and a lot of fun. 

One thing that doesn’t change about our leagues is the fun first policy. Some of the venues offer multiple nights a week, or multiple divisions, but if you play in an Urban Rec soccer league, you are not a Ronaldo wannabe, and you are here to have fun. 

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How Urban Rec is improving Netball
Mar 27

How Urban Rec is improving Netball

March 27, 2019 - 2 months ago

Netball is one of Aussies most beloved sports! But as we have grown the sport within our leagues we have come to realise that it’s a complicated beast, and in order to keep our players happy, here are some changes we are making…

Our Event Hosts: As you know we pride ourselves on making sure our Event Hosts are so much more than just umpires. Our staff have personality and coaching style game play. BUT we do recognise that in order to learn, you need someone who knows the rules intimately, so we are committing to hire Event Hosts who have umpire experience  or an intimate understanding of the rules. 

Calling your own contacts, offsides, and stepping: Across all of our leagues, we ask you to be adult enough to make these calls if you knowingly make a mistake. We never want our leagues to be where people come to cheat. BUT if you are a learner or you genuinely did not know you made a mistake, our Event Hosts will be making those calls for you. READ: We get tougher, and you learn when you have stuffed up, and hopefully become better at making that call for yourself next time. 

Wet weather calls: Most of our Netball leagues are outdoors, which is awesome – until it rains. But making calls can be tricky. We would like to make the call a little less subjective. While our rain out policy does not change, if the courts are wet, on most occasions we will cancel the games. Netball is tricky enough on the knees without adding further risk. This does mean you should expect 1-4 rain out’s per season, potentially extending your season to run for 11-14 weeks instead of 10. We never take away games, but you do need to plan a little longer into the season. 


STREET NETBALL:  This style of Netball is basically the gateway sport for people who are new to the sport, and want to learn more. We take away all the intimidating factors. No bibs, fewer postisions, and in some cases, fewer hoops (wow). The same principals apply, and the basics of netball remain, but this is netball re-imagined, and re-purposed for people that truly want to play a simplistic and non-intimidating version of the game. Expect to see alot more of this style game popping up, and opportunities for you to learn and play this style of Netball. 

FAST5 NETBALL: Our original and best. This is a league suited for players who want to get involved and play Netball, but they  don’t want all the snooty behaviour that can go along with Netball. This league calls for a lot less stoppage in game play, and a few adpatations to make the game a bit more unpredictable and fun.

7’S NETBALL: This is the style of Netball you have come to know and love. It’s proper 7-aside, and a more traditional version of the game. There is a bit more structure, and if you are a Netball purist, you should probably start here. HOWEVER. This is not some horrible and scary comp with faceless umpires, this is still Urban Rec style, meaning you will use fun points, and always play with a fun first attitude. We will continue to offer some more of these leagues across Sydney, but we are concious that there’s plenty of other people doing it, and we don’t want to saturate the market!

These changes we hope, will help elevate your experience and help you to choose the right league that suits you, and also understand that we are listening, and we do want to make changes if you guys are want them. It is, afterall… your sport. 

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Tinnie Time: Luke Smeaton

March 24, 2019 - 2 months ago

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Tinnie Time: Jackie Spivy

March 17, 2019 - 3 months ago

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Autumn  19  Leagues Sydney
Mar 1

Autumn 19 Leagues Sydney

March 1, 2019 - 3 months ago

TA-DAAAAAAAA. Here is a comprehensive list of leagues launching in Sydney this Autumn. Do we have individual rego for all of them? YES...yes, we do!  Can’t wait to see you playing!


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2019 Autumn Teammates Wanted!

February 28, 2019 - 3 months ago

Here’s to strangers becoming besties.  Have a look and see if any location or night of the week suits you and your busy life! (or maybe you just really ilke the team name...) 

Once you’ve decided, you can REGISTER HERE.

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Tinnie Time: Charlotte Rook

February 27, 2019 - 3 months ago

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Are you our greatest love story?
Feb 13

Are you our greatest love story?

February 13, 2019 - 4 months ago

Meet Rob and Megan!

You might remember them from our Sunrise appearance… Let’s call them, Urban Rec's poster couple. They met during the Urban Rec Summer Games, Rob was an event host, Megan was an American navigating netball. One minute they were playing flip-cup, next minute... A LOVE STORY LIKE NO OTHER.  How did it all go down? Did we ask for the gory details, you betcha!

💕🍕💕HOW THEY MET… For love and pizza… ðŸ’•ðŸ•ðŸ’•

After a devastating knee injury threatened to rule out her entire summer Megan Nelson was feeling pretty sad and sorry for herself, stuck in a brace watching on with beer in hand while her friends were having fun at the Urban Rec Summer Party. 
Enter the Lion - Rob Slater UR Event host.

“I was too busy having fun and drinking plenty to really be on the lookout for anything other than my next beer, I was tipsy all day and largely clueless to the fact Megan was trying to get my attention”

“He was flirting with most of us actually.. he cast a pretty wide net lol” Megan laughed.

During a game of flip cup (which Megan owned) Rob finally narrowed in on her.. the injured gazelle amongst the herd of single ladies. 

“We left to go to the Bat and Ball, and Rob wasn’t allowed in because he didn’t have a shirt… I lent him my towel to wear so he could come in with us” an act of chivalry from Megan. 

But still, Rob was still unaware that Megan was trying to make a move.

“I stuck around even after my friends had left”.. which is the universal sign that someone is interested in you. “Finally, I was like - ok, I’m getting an Uber home.. still nothing”

After finding Rob on Facebook through the event page, she messaged him (with most likely a winky face) and BAM finally… he cottoned on. 

“He tried to invite himself over (cheeky) but I was actually pretty pumped to be ordering pizza and eating it in bed by myself so I said no” 

Yep… she chose pizza over love in the first instance.. (who can blame her though.. cheesy, warm, deliciousness…) Despite the shut down and the fact Rob lost to a slice of margarita - they met up for drinks later that week and the rest is history!

“So yes, hungry lion chased the wounded gazelle - that sums it up lol” Megan remembers fondly.

“I might add that I ended up riding my bike home (wasted) at midnight because she picked pizza over me. The things we do for love..” 

BUT, is it really like no other, are there OTHER amazing love stories out there and we simply do not know about them?

💕❓DID YOU MEET PLAYING SPORT OR AT AN URBAN REC EVENT? Urban Rec want to take you on the ultimate Kidult date💕❓

Start the day being active at Sky Zone AU, where you will jump, run and fly around for an hour. ðŸ¤¸‍♀️

Then head to our partner clubhouse Rocks Brewing Company where you will be taken on a private tour of the brewery and enjoy lunch and a beer tasting. ðŸ»ðŸº

Then loaded with $50 on your card, hit up the Archie Brothers Electric Circus where you can sample VR, play the lucky dip or ride the dodgem cars. Then it's time to bowl, and enjoy some amazing candy cocktails. ðŸ­ðŸ¡

As the day draws to a close, it's time to hit the road, Uber to Centennial Park where you can enjoy cosying up under the stars at the Moonlight Cinema. ðŸŽ¥ðŸŽŸ


To win this amazing date for you and your partner, comment on THIS POST with the story about how you met at Urban Rec and a photo of the both of you!

** Winners will be notified by Facebook 
*** Prize must be claimed in the month of March or April
**** Entries close 28th February 2019

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You Complete Me - 2019 Summer Indie Players - Sydney
Jan 16

You Complete Me - 2019 Summer Indie Players - Sydney

January 16, 2019 - 5 months ago

“You complete me” That’s what your team mates will say when you join any one of the below teams and complete the team. Most only need just you, or you and a friend, so have a look and see if any location or night of the week suits you and your busy life. :) It might seem obvious but... M= Male, and F= Female. 


  • Basketball Camperdown – 1 F
  • Fast 5 Netty Leichhartdt – 1M or F
  • Flag Grid Camperdown – 4M, 2 F
  • Netball 7s Moore Park – 3 M & 4 F
  • Netball 7s Redfern – 3 M & 3 F


  • Dodgeball Woolloomooloo – 2 F
  • Fast 5 Netty Redfern – 1 M or F
  • Rebound Volleyball Syd Uni – 2 M & 2 F
  • Softball Moore Park – SOLD OUT
  • Outdoor soccer ES marks – SOLD OUT
  • Touch Footy ES Marks – SOLD OUT


  • Aussie rules Camperdown – SOLD OUT
  • Dodgeball Marrickville – 3 M & 2 F
  • Fast 5 Netty Moore Park – 4 F
  • Street Netty North Sydney – 2 M
  • Hockey Alexandria – 2/3 F
  • Multisport North Sydney – 2F, 2M
  • Multisport Redfern – SOLD OUT
  • Touch Footy Glebe – SOLD OUT


  • Basketball Redfern – 2/3 F
  • Dodgeball Marrickville – 2 M
  • Multisport Pyrmont – SOLD OUT
  • Caged Soccer Marickville – SOLD OUT
  • Street Soccer North Sydney – 1 F & 1M
  • Street Soccer Camperdown – SOLD OUT


  • Cricket Moore Park – 8 M & 3 F


  • Caged Soccer Marickville – 2 M & 2 F
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