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Touch Footy Player Etiquette

November 25, 2019 - 17 days ago

Urban Rec’s of difference from almost all other recreational sport providers, is that we care about the experience had by absolutely everyone involved within our leagues, Including our staff.

As with all Urban Rec leagues, we do not tolerate douche bags. We are inclusive, and welcome all levels of ability, and as a consequence, we are pretty tough on any team or player who goes against our culture. 

To make things super clear, we have compiled a list of Urban Rec Touch Footy player etiquette. Keep these points in mind, when playing in any of our competitions. It’s the Urban Rec way… 


  • Be so competitive that it can be mistaken as aggression or be seen as intimidating. This covers things like intense defensive line speed and crash ball lines in defence (also, crash ball lines don’t work…its touch.)
  • Put your shoulder behind a two handed touch – that’s a pre contact game warm up and has no business here. (ridiculous we know but it has happened).
  • Mock opposition or your own team! Goes without saying. Don’t be a dick.
  • Move your hand away when about to take a touch with an attacking opposition player – this kind of underhand tactic is reserved only for the highest level of hero, we are talking Batman vs Superman type of hero. Get real and take the touch!
  • Make calls or question a call from one of our hosts – This creates a shitty atmosphere and ruins our staff members evening.
    • 7 times out of 10 our host has seen the offence and hasn’t called it for a reason.
    • 8 times out of 10 it doesn’t affect the game.
    • 9 times out of 10 you look like an idiot.
    • 10 times out of 10 the world has moved on and upon reflection its not that big of a deal.
  • Wait on the try line when you’re about to score a runaway try for one of your female players. I know it is worth double if you do so, but it’s not what the score bonus is in place for. We implemented the 2 points for female trys as an incentive to encourage players to include the female players in the team, not because the ladies are any more or less likely to score.

DO’s –

  • Always put the enjoyment and respect of your opponents, ahead of your desire to win. 
  • Socialise with other teams, they are not the enemy.
  • Be honest – if you’ve been touched in touch and you don’t stop it really does defeat the purpose of touch.
  • Support and coach players that seem to be struggling.
  • Play to the ability of your opposition, give beginner players and extra second, but compete when you see a player who knows the game/rules well. 
  • Win and lose graciously – its fine to be good and its fine to win, but don’t enjoy crushing a team so bad that it spoils their game (points for and against is NEVER used in our standings). Same goes when you are on the losing side, its fine to lose and it really doesn’t matter if you’ve lost so do so with a smile on your face, you can still have a good time surrounded by mates.
  • Cheer for the opposition if they pull off something spectacular.
  • ALWAYS shake hands post game, including the host!

Do you play in our Touch leagues? Do you think we have missed something? Is there any behaviour or bad etiquette you would like to see abolished? Send us a message. [email protected] or contact your League Manager. 

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Playing Sport in Hot Weather

November 21, 2019 - 21 days ago

The mercury is rising. Heat is unlike anything else, it’s hard to predict, can change rapidly and everyone has a different tolerance to heat.

Unlike other weather conditions in hot weather venues will not let us reschedule our bookings so cancellations in hot weather mean we can’t guarantee a rescheduled game. 

Ultimately it is your call in any conditions weather you play or not. 

Our Heat Policy 

Because most of our games are played at night and it usually cools down over the night, we do not make heat calls during the day. Heat calls are made by the teams and the Urban Rec Event Host, at the venue, prior to the game starting. If your team and the Event Host feel it is unsafe to play, games will not be played. In hot conditions where games are played we may change the structure of the game to give you more breaks. 

As a general rule If it is over 40 degrees at the start time we do not play. 

If a game is cancelled due to heat it will be recorded as a draw. We will make every effort to reschedule the game, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Smoke Haze

When there is a smoke haze, we carefully consider if we should cancel games. If you have a medical condition that is affected by smoke we strongly advise you use good judgement and follow your doctor’s advice as to if you should play. 

Advice for playing sport in the heat

  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water
  • Know your fitness level and take plenty of breaks 
  • Wear cool loose fitting clothes, avoid dark colours 
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat
  • If you have a medical condition that may be affected by heat, consult your doctor as to whether you should play

Again stated – Ultimately it is your call in any conditions weather you play or not. 

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Christmas Operating Hours 2019

November 12, 2019 - one month ago

Jolly Jolly times as we approach the silly season. Here is the scoop on when we are closed this year!

LAST WEEK OF PLAY 2019 – Week beginning 16th Dec

FIRST WEEK OF PLAY 2020 – Week beginning 6th Jan

UR HQ OUT OF OFFICE – Sat 21st Dec through Sun 5th Jan

Most of our leagues are programmed to finish in December and will start up in the new Summer season in January, so these dates won’t effect you and your team. BUT, If your league is scheduled to finish in the new year and is running over the Christmas break, you will have two week break. 

If your team know you will not be able to make games in the week of Mon 16th Dec or the week of Mon 6th Jan, please let your League Manager know ASAP. 

As always, check your member dashboard for your most up to date schedule!

Any questions, contact [email protected] 

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Pri-Rego Prizepack Giveaway Spring 2019
Nov 7

Pri-Rego Prizepack Giveaway Spring 2019

November 7, 2019 - one month ago

We work with some amazing brands and this season we are PUMPED to get these brands in your hands to claim some free member perks for you and the team. This Spring season, any team that uses priority registration to register for the Summer season between weeks 7 to 9, will recieve a FREE PRIZEPACK GIVEAWAY. 

Whats included

  • Double pass to random selection of Funlab venues, Skyzone, Strike Bowling or Holey Moley Golf
  • $100 voucher to Naked Wines
  • Batch Brewing Sponsor Prize
  • Random selection of Urban Rec Merch!

How do I claim

  • In week 7 of your current season, Pri-rego will open and your captain will be sent a secret link to re-register your team for next season (you will be emailed and reminded about this). 
  • Using this link and within the pri-ority rego period of weeks 7-9, your captain will need to register for next season
  • On week 1 of the new season, your prizepack will be ready to go!

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How Urban Rec was founded

October 8, 2019 - 2 months ago

Have you ever wanted to hear about how Urban Rec landed on the shores of Sydney, Canberra and now Newcastle? This podcast interview is with our Aussie founder, Madeleine Wilkie, and tells the story of how we started with a bunch of flyers and a dream. 

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Batch Brewing X Urban Rec
Sep 17

Batch Brewing X Urban Rec

September 17, 2019 - 2 months ago

Urban Rec is all about sport, but we are equally invested in what happens after the game. The third half. The part where you and your new mates share a laugh and a cheers over your favourite brew. This spring season, Batch Brewing Co have come on board with us, as our sponsor partners for this season. This can mean only one thing. More deals for Urban Rec members on Batch beers, and more prizes and giveaways for UR Awesome crew, and our members. 

Batch was founded on similar principals to Urban Rec, launched in 2012, same year as us – Batch is North American inspired, but Aussie grown brand. With their roots planted in Sydneys inner west, just like Urban Rec, they have their sights set further and wider. They recently launched a new venue in Petersham, and as the craft beer scene continues to dominate, we could not be more stoked to partner with a company that has consistently stayed relevant in a big beer market. 

Here is a list of new perks available to Urban Rec members

  • $10 paddles at any Batch Brewing Co, Brewery in Sydney
  • $18 jugs of Batch Brew Co at any of the participating clubhouses (Check with your League Manager or Event Host to see if this applies to your clubhouse!)
  • Fun Point winners this season, win a FREE Batch Brewing Frisbee!
  • NEW team tee’s for individual players featuring Batch Brewing Co!
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Spring 2019 Start Dates

September 10, 2019 - 3 months ago

A helpful list of each out our leagues for Spring, in order of start date!

Netball-7s Mon Redfern 02-Sep SOLD OUT
Multisport Wed Alexandria 11-Sep SCHEDULED
Caged Soccer Thurs Marrickville 12-Sep SOLD OUT 
Caged Soccer Sun Marrickville 15-Sep SOLD OUT
Basketball Wed Sydenham 18-Sep
Street Soccer Tues Pyrmont 24-Sep
Floor Hockey Wed Alexandria 25-Sep
Indoor Soccer Wed Alexandria 25-Sep
Street Soccer Wed Zetland 25-Sep
Fast-5-Netball Mon Leichhardt 30-Sep
Multisport Tues Netball Stadium, Homebush 01-Oct NEW LEAGUE
Rebound Volleyball Tues Camperdown 01-Oct
Aussie Rules Thurs St Peters 03-Oct
Dodgeball Thurs Marrickville 03-Oct
Fast-5-Street-Netball Thurs Camperdown 03-Oct
Multisport Thurs Pyrmont 03-Oct
Dodgeball Tues Woolloomooloo 08-Oct
Softball Tu/Fri Moore Park 08-Oct SPRING ONLY
Fast-5-Netball Wed Moore Park 09-Oct
Netball-7s Wed Moore Park 09-Oct NEW LEAGUE
Outdoor Soccer Thurs Hensley 10-Oct NEW VENUE
Rebound Volleyball Thurs Camperdown 10-Oct
Backyard Cricket Fri Moore Park 11-Oct SPRING ONLY
Basketball Mon Waverly 14-Oct
Flag Gridiron Thurs Barks Hut Reserve 17-Oct NEW LEAGUE
Street Soccer Thurs Camperdown 17-Oct
Touch Football Thurs Barks Hut Reserve 17-Oct
Fast-5-Netball Tues Redfern 22-Oct
Outdoor Soccer Tues ES Marks, Centennial Park 22-Oct
Touch Football Tues ES Marks, Centennial Park 22-Oct
Dodgeball Wed Marrickville 23-Oct
Touch Football Wed Camperdown 23-Oct
Street Soccer Thurs North Sydney 24-Oct
Netball-7s Mon Moore Park 28-Oct
Fast-5-Street-Netball Wed North Sydney 30-Oct
Multisport Wed North Sydney 30-Oct
Netball-7s Thurs Redfern 31-Oct .
Touch Football Thurs Camperdown 31-Oct
Netball-7s Mon Waverly 04-Nov NEW VENUE
Touch Football Wed Glebe 06-Nov
Flag Gridiron Mon Waterloo 11-Nov
Basketball  Thurs Redfern 21-Nov
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More Social, Less Media

September 2, 2019 - 3 months ago

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Spring Into Sport! Social Style....

August 28, 2019 - 3 months ago

As we cuddle in hoodies and drink hot beverages, sprign is just weeks away!  Start thinking about putting a bounce in your step this spring with some social sport!  All our spring leagues are now online for you to join in the fun.  Once you’ve decided, you can REGISTER A TEAM or REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL.


  • 03 Oct = Aussie Rules – Thurs @ St. Peter’s


  • 11 Oct = Backyard Cricket – Fri @ Moore Park


  • 18 Sept = Basketball – Wed @ Sydenham
  • 14 Oct = Basketball – Mon @ Bondi/Waverly Park
  • 21 Nov = Basketball – Thurs @ Redfern


  • 03 Oct = Dodgeball – Thurs @ Marrickville
  • 08 Oct = Dodgeball – Tues @ Woolloomooloo
  • 23 Oct = Dodgeball – Wed @ Marrickville


  • 12 Sept = Flag Gridiron – Thurs @ Strathfield
  • 28 Oct = Flag Gridiron – Mon @ Waterloo


  • 25 Sept = Floor Hockey – Wed @ Alexandria


  • 01 Oct = Multisport – Tues @ Homebush
  • 03 Oct = Multisport – Thurs @ Pyrmont
  • 30 Oct = Multisport – Wed @ North Sydney


  • 26 Aug = Netball-7s – Mon @ Redfern
  • 28 Aug = Multisport – Wed @ Redfern
  • 30 Sept = Fast-5-Netball – Mon @ Leichhardt
  • 03 Oct = Fast-5-Street Netball – Thurs @ Marrickville
  • 09 Oct = Fast-5-Netball – Wed @ Moore Park
  • 22 Oct = Fast-5-Netball – Tues @ Redfern
  • 31 Oct = Netball-7s – Thurs @ Redfern
  • 04 Nov = Netball-7s – Mon @ Bondi/Waverly Park
  • 28 Oct = Netball-7s – Mon @ Moore Park
  • 30 Oct = Fast-5-Street Netball – Wed @ North Sydney


  • 01 Oct = Rebound Volleyball – Tues @ Sydney Uni


  • 12 Sept = Caged Soccer – Thurs @ Marrickville
  • 15 Sept = Caged Soccer – Sun @ Marrickville
  • 24 Sept = Street Soccer – Tues @ Pyrmont
  • 25 Sept = Indoor Soccer – Wed @ Alexandria
  • 15 Oct = Outdoor Soccer – Tues @ ES Marks, Centennial Park
  • 17 Oct = Street Soccer – Thurs @ North Sydney
  • 17 Oct = Street Soccer – Thurs @ Camperdown


  • 08 Oct = Softball – Tues/Fri @ Moore Park


  • 09 Oct = Touch Football – Wed @ Camperdown
  • 15 Oct = Touch Football – Tues @ ES Marks, Centennial Park
  • 24 Oct = Touch Football – Thurs @ Camperdown
  • 06 Nov = Touch Football – Wed @ Glebe
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UR Awesome Members
Aug 19

UR Awesome Members

August 19, 2019 - 3 months ago

Since inception, we’ve been rewarding the best, and most sportsmanlike teams using our fun points rating system. Our Fun Point system rewards you and your team for consistently making your league night enjoyable for opposing teams.  All it takes is that one team to turn a bad day, into a good one.

We believe that behind a fun team is an individual that unconditionally proves to what we stand for. Someone who emobodys the brand, the ethos, somebody who just “gets it”. Those individuals that stand out deserve the recognition for not only making things more enjoyable for their own team, but for all our members and hosts within the league.

So here it is...


UR Awesome is a group of hand-picked Urban Rec members who enthusiastically promote the culture and attitude in each league. We want to start rewarding those members, that go above and beyond to make sure you and your team have that amazing night you deserve. Your efforts and personality can do wonders to a league.

How can I be selected as UR Awesome Member? 

  • Each week, our Event Hosts are asked to nominate people they see acting, playing, or behaving in the spirit of UR, if those names appear more  than once a season, they are selected. 
  • If you are a member that invites tons of your friends to play, you will be invited by our League Managers. (We use the referral info supplied when people to become members.
  • If you are supporting us on social media (hello micro-influencers), you could be invited to join too 

What benefits do I get for being an UR Awesome member?

  • FREE or crazy discounted individual registrations
  • Merchandise
  • Free tickets to our social events
  • A ton of cool stuff from our sponsor and partner venues.
  • UR News (new leagues, new venues, upcoming events) well before even our hosts.

How does it actually work?

  • Once you’ve been selected, you will receive an email from an UR AWESOME team. This could also reflect on your login roster. The email will contain a FB Link to the exclusively private group.
  • Get notified when our HQ has free tickets, free rego, or teams that need someone as awesome as you to join
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