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4 Reasons Why Rebound Volleyball (AKA Wallyball) is The Ultimate Winter Sport
Jun 18

4 Reasons Why Rebound Volleyball (AKA Wallyball) is The Ultimate Winter Sport

June 18, 2015 - 6 years ago

As Australians, we tend to be very traditional sportspeople. Heck, we are world famous for our innate ability to be brilliant at all things sport, but slowly, and surely we are seeing a rise of niche sports - something our USA friends have been doing for some years. 

Enter Rebound Volleyball (aka Wallyball). Just like it's forefathers Dodgeball, Kickball, and Flag Gridiron it reicks of North America, but heck they know how to have fun, dont't they?!

Here are 4 reasons why this sport is going to rock your world! 

1. It's great for beginners, or people that lovey Volleyball, but suck at it. It takes all of the principals of volleyball, and affords players to make mistakes like hitting the ball sideways. Instead of that ball headed for the ocean, and your opposition rolling their eyes (cos you suck), the ball is played off the wall, and created a great diversion, and a quick eye to return. 

2. You can always get courts! Rebound Volleyball is played on a squash court which is an added bonus given most of those spaces are left vacant in the important hours. It's a quick moving, high intensity sport, which will test your quick eye, and quick arm. 

3. Great fitness, duh! Because the sport is quick, and never stops, there is less stoppage, and a lot more running around like a chicken with no head. It's a really wild chase, and you are left with the sweaty marks to prove it. 

4. You only need 4 on the court. Which is great, because trying to convnce 3 of your friends to play is way easier than getting 5 of them onboard. Heck you could ask one friend, your Mum and your Dog*, and you have a team!

If you think this sounds like you, then make sure you join here so you can say "you played Rebound Volleyball, before it was cool". 

*Doggy's dont have opposable thumbs, so do not make great team mates. 

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3 Ways To Meet (And Not Meet) Other Sydney-Siders… Non-awkwardly.

June 4, 2015 - 6 years ago

Being a small fry in a big city can be super intimidating. Everyone seems to be rushing to their next physio appointment before they meet a friend for coffee, then cocktails in Paddington.

Meanwhile some of us bury our head in MX Newspaper on the way home before hitting the gym, passing glances to anyone else who looks even vaguely interested in the hope they might want to go for a beer afterwards. Depressing. 

Well Sydney siders, if you are new to town, or just sick of your friends, or your boyfriend, we have picked

3 ways to NOT meet people, and 3 great ways to get your social life buzzing

DO NOT. Try and chat to randoms in the pub. While it’s fair game for most travellers, if you want to meet local Sydney siders, they will most likely snub you.It’s not something we are prioud of, but it’s a fact. Maybe it's all the "dont talk to strangers" mentatlity we grew up with, but we don’t know how to do random chats.

DO NOT. Join some singles under 30 group in Meetup.com – recipe for creepville. For some reason, all of the creepers of society make their way to these groups, and unless you have found a good one (tell us), then we ware you away.

DO NOT. Rely on online dating if you want to meet friends, and lots of them. If you are looking for love, then shoot for the stars. But not everyone you want to meet is romance worthy, and it can get awkward. Just sayin.

DO. Get a job. It’s a sure fire way to meet some folks. Sydney siders love some after work drinks in the city on a Friday. Better yet, start working as an Uber driver. The Uber user demographic is 18-45, and you will see all the hot spots as you drive your passengers to swanky bars on Saturday night.  

DO. Sign up for social sports. Urban Rec is Sydney’s biggest provider of social sports, for people that are looking to play… mostly to meet people. You can sign up as an individual, and get matched with a team. AKA Your 8 new best friends. The leagues are totally fun, and totally fine for beginners. 

DO. Volunteer. If your nights and weekends are empty, why not volunteer to work at some of the local sporting events, or races, sport clubs, and community stuff. This is so not awkward for you because hell… you’re working, and it’s a really easy way to meet other volunteers, and people in the community. 

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