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Return to Recess Games
Sep 26

Return to Recess Games

September 26, 2018 - 3 years ago

🐠 Gone Fishing: A Skipping inspired game where you need to collect food, and not get ‘fished’

💠 Matball: Kickball, but with large bases

🎯 Monster Ball: A game of throwing to keep the monster ball away from your quad

⚽ ‘Net’cer or Boccer: a hybrid game of Soccer, and Netball or Basketball

🎾 Handball/Foursquare: If you never played, did you even have a childhood?

🔥🍦Volcanoes & Icecreams: A running game to get most cones turned over

👑Ultimate Kangaroo: Epic classic catches with varying types of balls, headed for the end zone

🐣Rob The Nest: Compete for time to collect the most items from one anothers ‘nest’

👫 Human Sideline Soccer: Soccer with the help of attacking sideline players

🏐Hoopla: A variation of Netball

🎒Benchball: A hybrid game of basketball, and Netball, played on a bench

🥚🥄Three – Legged Egg & Spoon Race: Half race, half obstable course, a challenging take on the tradtiional race

💯100’s: A challenging game utilising lots of activities from yester-year

⚠ 4 Way Dodgeball: A game of fast hits, quick elimination, and levelling up through rounds

🏏 Qwick Cricket: A faster, and more fun version of cricket

⚾ Rounders: An adaptation of Softball, designed to play on a small court

🚩 Capture The Flag: A Strategy game, where teams need to find and retrieve a flag to win.

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Introducing: Social Experience Leagues
Sep 11

Introducing: Social Experience Leagues

September 11, 2018 - 3 years ago

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not yet know how much we care about creating a social environment for players to meet new people and maybe even make new friends. To highlight the importance of this, and also because it’s farking cool. Urban Rec are officially launching a small collection of Social Experience Leagues. 

The Format of a Social Experience League

  • In a social experience league you will participate in the season as an individual, accruing points for yourself in a “King of the Court” style format. 
  • You will show up at an alloted time slot, and be allocated onto a team, chosen by your event host
  • Playing on a different team each week, you will earn points for playing and winning
  • At the end of the season, one individual player will be crowned ‘King of the Street,’ as the winner of the league
  • In these leagues, the point system is structured such that the winner isn’t always the best player. It encourages consistent participation!At the beginning of each game, there will be a fun way to split the group into teams. Then, each game, points are distributed as follows:
    • 0 = no show
    • 1 = showing up & playing on the losing team
    • 2 = showing up & playing on the winning team

The Purpose of a Social Experience League

  • To get you meeting and playing with as many different people as possible
  • To learn the rules to your sport in a fun and easy environment
  • To socialise after the game – hello post game brews

The Social Experience Leagues to choose from

  1. Sunday Softball Marrickville
  2. Sunday Flag Gridiron Cammeray
  3. Wednesday Hockey Alexandria
  4. Tuesday Return to Recess Camperdown
  5. Sunday Street Soccer Braddon (CBR)


  • I am registering as an individual, do I need to show up every week? You don’t have to, but you have paid for 10 games (or 10 weeks), so up to you how often you show up. 
  • How many games will happen each week? Depending on the players registered, and how many show up, there could be 1-4 games played on the afternoon/night. 
  • What if not enough players show up to get a game? We ensure there’s enough players to make a game happen on a weekly basis. 
  • What if theres enough for 3 teams? We will organise a tournament to be played over the courts of the allocated time, so you will have the same amount of game time but in a  different format. 
  • Can I join this league after it has started? Yes, you can. But the schedule may have started so you might have missed some games. If appropriate some rego fee’s may be pro-rated. 
  • Will these leagues always be SEL’s? No, not forever. Some leagues may continue like this for a few seasons, and some might switch to normal UR Leagues. Some of them, (Return to Recess) are designed as a Social Experiences. 
  • Is there an online published standings table for leagues like this? Not yet – we are working on making this possible, but your event host will be able to share the table with you in person each week. 
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