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Dear Captain,
Jan 1

Dear Captain,

January 1, 2016 - 5 years ago

Congrats in the title, and all the bossing around, and glory that comes with the job.  By now all your team should have received your UR Member cards, if you need extra, ask the staff at your games. 

There are a few other points we will be counting on you to manage.

Player attendance: You are responsible for having your minimum players turn up every week on time. If you have 3 or less players turn up for any game, you will be forced to forfeit, and play a friendly. If your team rocks up late, we will eat into your game time, and that may risk you getting low rec points. You cannot borrow players from other teams in your league, but you can bring in subs as needed or use our SUB ME IN Facebook page to recruit other Urban Rec Members from different sports or locations.

Forfiets Policy: If you forfeit more than once in a season, you will be forced to pay $60 fine to your opposition. This will not happen if you give fair notice (24 hours), or if a friendly game can be arranged, or if your team are not regular offenders!‚Äč

Game Cancellations: Please keep an eye on our twitter and Facebook. If the game in cancelled for any reason, due to weather or other circumstances, we will let you know on social media, and we will also text and email you (generally not the entire team, just you). 

Memberships and Waivers: You need to make sure all team players, have signed a membership form at the courts, or become a member online. Even if they are playing for one game, as a sub. All players need to acknowledge the waiver, and code of conduct before they play with us. We rely on you to make sure the team is maintaining their memberships. NB: Urban Rec is for 18+ players only. As such, we do not allow any under 18 year olds to play on your team, or sub in.

Insurance: Urban Rec does not cover for personal injury insurance. It makes our fees higher, and your registration, complicated, here are a few more reasons why. You play sports, at your own risk. If you, or anyone on your team does not have private health insurance, we suggest you take out an insurance policy similar to this.

Uniforms: Your team may choose to pick team colours, if you do this, make sure you confirm with your League Manager your chosen colour, it's first in best dressed. If you don’t want to pick a colour, just bring a black, AND a white t-shirt each week.

If your team has already chosen a colour for the season, make sure everyone definitely comes along in that colour each week. It’s essential to make the job easy for our event host, and also the game better for both sides. If you do recruit any subs, make sure they come in the same colour too.

Click here to go to Urban Rec’s Uniform Shop

Equipment for Netball players: On the first night you will be given a set of bibs, which are yours to keep for the season, take turns in washing them, and bringing them each week, at the end of the season you will need to return them. 

Equipment for Softball players: On the first night you will be given 3-4 balls for you and your team to keep for the season. You will also get a team clipboard for scoring. These will need to be returned at the end of the season. 

Rec Points: At the end of each game, your team awards the opposition with rec points, based on their sportsmanship, and how fun they were to play. Please make sure your team submit that score to the staff every week at the end of your game. (You can view the Rec Points summary online here)

Sportsmanship: The Urban Rec Event Host, is there to keep an eye on the game, and make sure you are playing by the rules. If you don't think your opposition are playing with good sportsmanship, make sure you use the Rec Points as your voice. The staff are not responsible for disciplining players for not being honest, or playing fair - that's on the players themselves

Disputes: If there is an altercation or a dispute that cannot be resolved on the night, an Urban Rec staff member will call you to discuss the incident in detail. You will also receive all call if a rec point of 2 or below is recorded by you, or against you, to understand why the low point was scored. 

Captain of Fun! You are the head honcho for all things FUN. Your team, and others have signed up to Urban Rec to have an recreational sports season, and part of that means you should keep an eye on aggressive, or mean, or overly competitive behaviour. Help our staff by encouraging your team to be Urban Rec legends, and take out the rec champion title! We will be handing out beer jugs to the funnest and best sports, team for the week, so be a contender for that. 

Lastly, we encourage our teams to get together and socialise after the games, at the pub. It's an excellent way to wind down and catch up with new and old friends. Make sure you organise a few get togethers over the season, (if not every week) meet other Urban Rec peeps, eat some great food, have a laugh, and celebrate the awesome season.

We always post awesome photos up on Facebook and Instagram. So make sure you follow us so you can see your team shots!

If you have any questions, please talk to our staff or drop us a line to [email protected] 

Well done Capt'n, we know you'll be great!!
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