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Jun 7

Social Events & Ramblings

June 7, 2016 - 5 years ago

I continue to be endeared, and horrified by Sydney. I have lived here practically my whole life, but as a small country town gal, and a traveller… I seem to always have a bone to pick with Sydney. 

We are utterly SPOILED for choice. It’s a well known fact that Sydney has event fatigue. This is probably the best and worst thing about living here. There is so much to do. But in a city full of strangers, there is often no one to do it with. 

I started Urban Rec because I wanted to bring that Canadian charm down under. I wanted to see Sydney get really good at making friends. I am deeply passionate about this. Everytime I see a facebook photo with Urban Rec members hanging out, a proud tear falls down my cheek. “it’s working”. 

This is not to say I am Sydney’s socialite. I’m the opposite. I often overshare info in the first 5 seconds of meeting people, and I’m a moody bi*ch.  But I found playing social sports was my golden ticket. I got 10 whole weeks for people to grow to love me. 

This year marks the 5th year of Urban Rec running in Sydney. I have done alot on that time, and she’s a happy beast that purrs along, gives me plenty of joy, and hopefully you all feel that too. Do you feel the joy of the purring beast?! But as things are going well, I have decided to refocus on why I started this thing. Why I even bothered in the first place. 

I am going to be rolling out a few social events. Not too many, I know you all have even fatigue. None of them will be to make money or grow the business. They are just because I want to make sure Urban Rec is still doing what it promised. Getting you all together, putting you out of your comfort zone, and talking to your new best friends that you haven’t met yet. 

I created a Facebook Group because I don’t want to spam your asses. But come on over and join in. The plan is that you can all create your own event’s too. We once had a team down at Touch Footy put on a full BBQ for all the teams. I dig that shit. 

So even though you are SPOILED for choice. Come hang out with us, lets make this fun. Let’s meet a stranger, and make their night. Let’s be Sydney-siders who bother to look up from their phones and across the table. 

...and please, if you are having fun with your newly found friends. SHOW ME PHOTOS. tag #urbanrecaus it will make me the happiest fun facilitator in the entire world. 

Mads x

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