Default, Forfeit & Substitute Policy

This policy is intended as a deterrent – while it is each team’s prerogative to decide whether or not to play each week, it is our expectation that as part of the agreement we make in allowing your team’s registration, we will allocate a space for your team in return for your team attending and utilizing that space. Our business and the satisfaction of our entire membership are predicated on this agreement being honoured.

A forfeiting team is defined as failing to be able to field the minimum required number of players for the sport which is being played. A team will also be considered in default if they fail to field the minimum required number of each gender for that sport.

In the event a team forfeits, the following steps will be taken:

  1. The team will be awarded 0 for Rec rating, and a loss will be recorded (points differ between leagues).
  2. If the same team forfeit a second time that season, and a friendly cannot be played, the team will be forced to pay a $100 forfeit fee, which is payable to the opposing team. Click here to pay a $100 Default Fee

Forfeit fees are required to be paid in full no later than 2 business days after the game day. Fees can be paid either in cash at the Urban Rec offices OR via credit card over the phone or via secure web transaction. The default fees collected will be distributed to the opposing team.

Urban Rec will make every effort to collect all default fees. However in the case that a team does not pay its default fee, they will be removed from the league and banned from further Urban Rec participation. In this situation no compensation will be awarded to the teams that were defaulted on until the defaulting team pays the fee.

Is it OK to bring substitutes? Of course, just make sure they sign an Urban Rec Member form/waiver. 

Is it OK to borrow players from other teams? If you do not have enough players to field the side, you will need to forfeit. You can then choose to borrow players from another team, and play a friendly game. 

If we forfeit, and still play a friendly, will we be forced to pay the fee? No, if we can organise a friendly, we will not fine you. 

What about exceptional circumstances? Of course, if something has happened, please talk to us, and we will consider your situation. If we have enough notice we can make sure we get a friendly match going. 

Can we ask to have our game time moved, so we don't need to forfeit? We will do everything in our power to make sure you and your team can play your scheduled game. If moving your game doesnt inconvenice your opposition, or any other teams in the league, we will try and move it. There is no guarentee we can do this.