Fun First Policy

ALWAYS BE HONEST. We are not playing in the Olympics, it's recreational sports.  Our Event Hosts are there to facilitate a fun, safe environment for you. They keep games on time, and make any calls they see if people cannot decide amongst themselves. They are not professional referee’s and you should not get in the habit of ‘playing to the whistle”.

WE DON’T TOLERATE AGGRESSIVE PEOPLE. Play fair and fun. It’s that simple. Every single one of you have signed our code of conduct and we will hold you accountable to that. If any aggressive behaviour is displayed by individuals we will ask you to find another competition in a league more appropriate to your level, or attitude to sports. Under no circumstances should you put your team, or any other teams down, during a game. It's just not on. Participate for your own enjoyment, and benefit.

WE DON'T TOLERATE AGGRESSIVE TEAMS. Social Sports is ALL that we do. If you want to play hard, and aggressively, frankly you're in the wrong spot. There is nothing wrong with some healthy competition, but we do FUN best, and that should always be top of your mind when you are playing in our leagues. Moving from Urban Rec to more serious leagues is OK, we get that. If a team scores lower than a 2 in rec points, three times in a season, they will be asked to leave the league. This is our commitment to keeping the fun teams in the league happy.

LEARN HOW TO WIN AND LOSE, GRACEFULLY. If you are a successful team, when you play the less experienced teams, don't go your hardest and show them who's boss. Destroying them on the scoreboard will leave them feeling horrible, and your team with bad blood on your hands. Likewise, if you are losing don't get aggressive or defeated. Just enjoy the game, and have some fun with it. Sometimes playing better teams can help build up your skills.

WE OFFER BEGINNER FRIENDLY LEAGUES. We are the only sports club that offer a space for people to come and learn. If you are a more experienced player, you need to be conscious of that.  Be aware of the newbies, go easy on them, and give them some room to learn and improve. Secondly people sometimes come to Urban Rec to "retire" after playing in more serious leagues it's a place people can join when they don't want to take the game or themselves too seriously.

CAPTAINS ACCOUNTABILITY. By being a Captain, you are an ambassador for the recreational nature of our leagues. Sometimes our Event Host may call upon you to diagnose a problem player, or help defuse a situation. It is up to you to keep the game light-hearted, and fun. If you identify a team mate who is losing their cool, encourage them to sub, and take five. You can also help build team morale, but encouraging post game socialising, and getting your team to some of our social events.

WE PLAY MIXED ONLY SPORTS FOR A REASON. Mixed sports are more fun, more relaxed, and more interesting. Always make sure you have a min of 2 people from either sex on the court. This isn't to measure performance, it's so we can enjoy a mash up of characters, skill level, and attitudes. Everyone out there is going to be a different height, weight, and experience level to you.

As always, keep it active. social. fun.