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What is March Madness?!?!

March 15, 2017 - 4 years ago

Got American friends?  Or been to a US college town during March?  Ever heard “March Madness” or “Final Four” and been confused or couldn’t understand why your American co-worker suddenly jumped out of his/her seat and starting yelling profanity while streaming sports while he/she is supposed to be working?

Or maybe your just a sports FANATIC and already know what I’m talking about?!?!

Bear with me, and I’ll enlighten you.  “March Madness” is the street name for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – the US National Championship Tournamnet for College Basketball.

So what?!  What’s all the hype about?!

  • 68-teams → big schools, little schools, private & public schools
  • stunning upsets
  • endless feel-good stories
  • team bonding & crowd buy-in
  • emotions – smiles, tears, laughter, anger, disappointment and joy…

This tournament somehow captures the attention of American sports fans worldwide for almost a month.  There are office bets, family rivalries based on school alma-maters and sudden engagement from those who know nothing about sports purely to have something to compete about through their brackets!

As an Urban Rec Member here in Sydney, why do I care?

Well...besides the FUN that can result from randomly picking teams to win, and a little friendly competition amongst your teammates and other Urban Rec leagues, you have the change to WIN A FREE INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION FOR ANY AUTUMN URBAN REC LEAGUE!

AND….come NRL and AFL finals, we’ll be opening up a bracket challenge too!  So use this as a good test trial!

Sweet!  I want a change to win a FREE INDY REGO!  How do I sign up?

Joining is simple!  CREATE YOUR BRACKET HERE! Our bracket group is UrbanRec AUS!  Let’s strive to give Australia a little representation!  

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