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Urban Rec Return to Sport!
Sep 20

Urban Rec Return to Sport!

September 20, 2021 - one month ago

Urban Rec – Return to sport, what does it look like?

Do we need to be vaccinated to play? –  The state government are imposing mandatory double vaccination for participation, making it illegal for unvaccinated members to participate in sports & recreation.We are working to ensure we have QR codes at every venue/field/oval etc to enable our members to check in for all games, this ensures we are meeting the government guidelines, and keeping you safe. Just as Pubs, cafes, restaurant etc have been doing for a while now.

When are we coming back? – After analysing the most recent information provided by The NSW government, it is our aim to resume/launch leagues as soon as 70% statewide vaccination rate has been achieved. Our current programming has estimated this to happen around October 18. Key thing to note is the classification of “Adult Recreational Sport” vs “Community Club Sport”. Urban Rec is classified as an Adult Recreational Sports Provider, not a community sport club. The reason it is vital to differentiate between the two is the participation demographic. Urban Rec does not provide sport to Juniors/Children.State & Federal government health officials have deemed the return of community sport as higher risk due to the perceived dangers of high volumes of unvaccinated minors/juniors gathering to play sport. Hence the delayed return for schools and community sport.Urban Rec does not have the same perceived risk as community sport as all members are adults (18+) and each member will have to check in via QR code, which we expect will also include verified vaccination proof.

How will leagues be different? - In addition to this, all gatherings (both indoor and out) will be kept to group size of maximum 20 members with the 4sqm rule never to be exceeded. (our sports field/courts provide much more than 4sqm per member, as we have to allow for player movement, for example using a netball courts dimensions and the 4sqm rule would allow 112 players, we allow 14.) Urban Rec will maintain all other previous measures including cleanliness of kits. 

I was playing with Urban Rec when we went into lockdown, what is happening to my games? If you were a current and participating member, your games will be scheduled to go ahead in line with Public Health Orders, and new personal Covid restrictions. There is a chance due to venue and facility availability, we will need to change locations for some of our leagues. Your schedule may be subject to change in the future as we welcome some new teams to join into your league if capacity allows. 

What if some of my teammates are not vaccinated? Can they still play when leagues recommence? This decision is going to be taken out of our hands and will be part of NSW Public Health Orders. The short answer is, no. You should look to replace these team members, and contact your League Manager if you have any issues. 

What if some of my teammates are not double vaccinated, can they still play when leagues recommence? This is something we are waiting on NSW Health to confirm and provide clarity on. 

I was not playing previously, but I would like to start - Great! We have new leagues starting in October, November and December, and there will be opportunities to join existing leagues where capacity allows us to get as many eligible members playing sport in a safe and social environment. 

Any questions please contact [email protected]

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New Leagues

September 16, 2021 - one month ago

Coming out of lockdown, we are going to be BIGGER and BETTER!!! How? You may ask?! Let me introduce you to our NEW LEAGUES - New Locations, New People, New equipment, all with the exact same Fun as any other Urban Rec League.

Have you been living in the East travelling far and wide to Urban Rec Leagues? Have you been waiting ever so patiently for Urban Rec to come to you? Well guess what? YOU ARE IN LUCK!!!

FIVE (Yes, that’s right five) New Leagues across differing days, sports, and locations for anyone in the East to enjoy.

Breakout Touch Football North Bondi Monday 

Touch Footy and the east go hand in hand, and we have the perfect location for you to enjoy. Cue Hugh Bamford reserve: would there be anything better on a Monday Summer evening playing touch footy with your mates with an ocean view? I think not.

Breakout Outdoor Soccer North Bondi Tuesday 

Soccer Players, no need to get jealous, we have the exact same experience for you just one day closer to the weekend LOL. Please implement all your tricks, skills and laughs with the ocean breeze of Hugh Bamford Reserve.

Breakout Outdoor soccer Mascot Tuesday 

Boralee Park is the new fortress for outdoor soccer leagues. Experience all the trickery, laughs with mates and all the goals at our new stomping ground for soccer lovers.

Breakout Touch Footy Mascot Wednesday 

Boralee Park doesn’t stop there, it will provide Touch Footy as well. Being one of our biggest sports here at Urban Rec, there is no reason why this touch footy league won’t launch through the roof. 

Breakout Multisport Bondi Wednesday 

Are you into touch footy, soccer and MORE! Don’t worry we have you covered. Experience a list of differing sports per week at our New Multisport League in Bondi. Waverly Council Courts is the perfect place to learn something new and have a laugh while doing so.

We are hella excited to launch these new leagues and cannot wait to see what the East of Sydney brings to the partay! Super pumped for you guys to join our biggest breakout season yet.

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