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Sep 26

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September 26, 2018 - 2 years ago

🐠 Gone Fishing: A Skipping inspired game where you need to collect food, and not get ‘fished’

💠 Matball: Kickball, but with large bases

🎯 Monster Ball: A game of throwing to keep the monster ball away from your quad

⚽ ‘Net’cer or Boccer: a hybrid game of Soccer, and Netball or Basketball

🎾 Handball/Foursquare: If you never played, did you even have a childhood?

🔥🍦Volcanoes & Icecreams: A running game to get most cones turned over

👑Ultimate Kangaroo: Epic classic catches with varying types of balls, headed for the end zone

🐣Rob The Nest: Compete for time to collect the most items from one anothers ‘nest’

👫 Human Sideline Soccer: Soccer with the help of attacking sideline players

🏐Hoopla: A variation of Netball

🎒Benchball: A hybrid game of basketball, and Netball, played on a bench

🥚🥄Three – Legged Egg & Spoon Race: Half race, half obstable course, a challenging take on the tradtiional race

💯100’s: A challenging game utilising lots of activities from yester-year

⚠ 4 Way Dodgeball: A game of fast hits, quick elimination, and levelling up through rounds

🏏 Qwick Cricket: A faster, and more fun version of cricket

⚾ Rounders: An adaptation of Softball, designed to play on a small court

🚩 Capture The Flag: A Strategy game, where teams need to find and retrieve a flag to win.

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