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Things we do that no one seems to know about

September 4, 2017 - 3 years ago

Sometimes it’s frightening how little our members know about the added perks we offer to our members. Seriously, lets get this shizzle out in the open…. 

End of season Social Events and Parties

​​We bust our little booties to bring you great social events and parties every season. Think Holey Moley Golf, Bowls n Beers, Backyard 90’s Parties, and Beach Parties to be envied. Our upcoming event to say ‘sayonara’ to Winter is The Social Serve. This event is purely for your enjoyment! We make no money off them, we just do these events so our members can enjoy some much needed recreation, chillax time with their team mates, and a chance to socialise with all the Urban Rec Members.

FREE games as a sub across any UR league

Unlike other providers, we facilitate a subs page for you to be able to participate and play for FREE as an Urban Rec member. Every night you can be sure teams are posting looking for players, and that means YOU get free game time, free fitness, and a chance to meet new people and try a new sport. Try before you buy mannnnn. 

Discounts at any UR Clubhouse

We have hand-picked, sampled, and selected the best venues in Sydney for post game beverages. Our Clubhouses offer great discounts for UR members. Like some are good, but some are GREAT. Seriously, in this very expensive Sydney lifestyle. Take advantage people!

Entry for FREE into any of our Season Ender Tournaments

Another collection of events that take a butt-ton of work, which we run for the love of it. These tournaments are FREE and not only are the teams who play in the leagues welcome, ALL of the players across any night or venue can get involved, and play for FREE and FUN! Here is a list of the upcoming Tournaments we are running. 

  • Flag Gridiron
  • Rebound Volleyball
  • Beach Party – Canberra
  • Dodgeball
  • Touch Footy
  • Soccer

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