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Urban Rec Social Committee
Jul 12

Urban Rec Social Committee

July 12, 2018 - 2 years ago

The Urban Rec Social Committee is responsible for creating, hosting, and planning different types of events to attend and create for our members. We are now actively looking for committee members to join us for the 2018/2019 planning! Below is tons of info about being on the UR SoCo, and how to get involved. 

What kind of events does the UR Soco run? 

Some of the Events will be curated and hosted by Urban Rec, some will be for us to attend and participate together. Everything from sports tournaments, to fun runs, trivia nights, or afternoons at the pub.

Who is on the UR soCo? 

It is made up of 6 people. Represented by all 3 positions in UR.

  • 2 UR HQ Staff
  • X2 Event Host Staff
  • X2 Members
Michelle – UR Event Host
Dan – UR Event Host
Lindsay – UR HQ
Danny – UR HQ
Raj Panchal – UR Member & Host
Ruth – UR Member
You guys have got this, why do you need us? 

Because we want to run events that you guys love, enjoy, and care about. Sitting in our ivory tower dictating events to you might not be the best approach. We would love to have input and feedback and support from everyone who enjoys Urban Rec.

How many events to we run a year?
  • UR curated events: 4-6 per year, these include
    • Dodgeball Tournament
    • Christmas Event
    • Superbowl Tournaments
  • Other Events: 4-6 per year, these include
    • Fun runs, City 2 Surf, Colour Run
    • Social Serve
    • Scavenger Hunts
    • Festivals
How often do we need to meet? 

The UR SoCo will meet 4 times a year in person at Marrickville. They will also maintain communications throughout the year on a Facebook group.

  • November (to decide 2019 event summary)
  • February
  • May
  • August
What role will I play? 

Urban Rec HQ staff will be the drivers of the agenda. Members and staff will be asked to contribute by coming to the meetings, communicating via Facebook, and showing up to help host the events on the day. ANYTHING else you can bring professionally to the table. Are you good at marketing, are you good at photography, anything you can do to contribute would be readily welcomed.

Is this paid? 

Nope, sorry. You will get access to play for FREE in any UR season when you are on the committee. But there are no paid benefits. You are doing it for love, and because you want to be involved in something new and interesting. Lastly, if you are shit, and don't help in anyway - we will tell you to leave the committee. We want enthusiasm, passion, and a bit of love.

How to get involed? 

Simply send us a message and let us know you are keen to [email protected] Make sure you explain that you are free to commit and attend meetings. 

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