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A Note From Our Managing Director

June 3, 2020 - 6 months ago

Dear Members,

Yesterday we welcomed the information that gyms, pools, saunas, studios and the like can open on June 15. We also welcomed the timeline announcing that junior sport can begin, but disappointingly, we as adults of NSW who play sport, were left without any information. We currently have no timeline, no plan, no idea.

I am so disappointed. I am so sorry. We are ready to start, our staff are trained, our policies are completed, our equipment is clean, and our systems for monitoring attendance are better than many.

I am so sorry that we don't have more clear information from the NSW Government. I know over the next month you are going to become agitated as you start to notice your life going back to normal, but realise your sport registration remains tied up.

Our business is supporting our full time staff best we can - with and without government support - and I am nervous. I am nervous that we will be delayed till it's too late. I also want to get our Event Hosts back, they need us too.

Although this is not Urban Rec's fault, I can't help but feel bad for not being able to provide a service you wanted back in March. So I invite you to join our eLeagues and FreePlay Sports Training events for a way to keep you active and social.

I have contacted Dr Geoff Lee (Acting Minister for Sport Twitter, Facebook, Email), and Brad Buzzard (Brad Hazzard NSW Minister for Health Twitter, Email) who were in charge of making this decision. If your weekly community sport means enough to you, please send them an email, let them know you want information. Maybe they will change their mind, or maybe they will give us a date too. 



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