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6 Reasons Why You Should Just Stick To Sport
Jan 13

6 Reasons Why You Should Just Stick To Sport

January 13, 2020 - one year ago

If you have ever felt underlying resentment towards running (or even working out), then you should look into doing something that distracts you from what is ultimately happening. Playing sport is the ultimate way to get fit without noticing. Then there’s the calorie counting, if you’re into that - but the sweat, the steps, and the red face says sport is the secret forgotten fitness hack.

Here are 6 reasons you should consider playing sport over any other fitness fad.... 

  1. Low commitment - You only need to commit to 10 weeks, no crazy annual subscriptions. Opt in, opt out. Repeat. 
  2. Accountability -  Enter your 5 team mates who need you to show up…. or they can't play, that’s one way to ensure you always show up – and you never regret it. 
  3. Outdoors – Being outdoors is phenomenal for your mental and physical health. Hello healthy vitamin D. 
  4. Cardio is incidental – You don't have to force it. It just happens. On average most people run 2-3km during a game of social sport. 
  5. Making friends is easy and non awkward – When's the last time you approached someone on the rowing machine to introduce yourself? Exactly…. Sport is the best way to break down social barriers. 
  6. Affordability? The most you will pay is $13 per game, which makes playing sport cheaper than almost all fitness classes on offer.

Choose a nearby location, find a sport you used to love, and join us for a 10 week season, starting in the next few weeks.

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