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The Greatest Game Ever Played - by Daniel John William Skidmore.
Aug 30

The Greatest Game Ever Played - by Daniel John William Skidmore.

August 30, 2018 - 2 years ago

“The Greatest Game Ever Played” – By Daniel John William Skidmore.

Leading up to this cold autumnal evening in may nobody could have expected what was to come…

This is but a brief description of an encounter between top of the table Mixed Nuts and clear underdogs Unicorns FC that were lying mid table.  I will now do my upmost to portray what I witnessed on this fateful night.

As usual Mixed Nuts started well, crisp passing, movement off the ball, happy to keep the ball and build patiently towards a goal scoring opportunity. With strong centre back Georgia Kriz organising the back-line and the wonder midfield craftswoman Belinda Seers commanding the middle of pitch, Unicorns seemed to be dealing well with ongoing pressure from Mixed Nuts.

After a continued onslaught of attack Mixed Nuts broke the deadlock with a screamer of a shot (at least 12 yards out!) from Nick “The Rocket” Vale bottom left hand corner, keeper had no chance.

This seemed to spark the structured Unicorns into action, pinpoint passing from Andy Mc Clure saw the ball fall perfectly for the Croatian puppy TOMMMMMMMY KOCH! GOAL! Mixed Nuts caught napping, scores 1-1.

A real war of attrition ensued both teams unable to get a break through, driving runs from the brilliant Cait Wrigley saw the Nuts come close on a few occasions only for the incredible acrobatics of Unicorns goalkeeper Lufti Hady to deny the goal time after time.


Captain, Talisman, Hero…call him what you want but it was time for Tim Judge to step outside the comfort zone and rally the troops to inspire a historical upset!... He did not let us down, Timmy judge made a controversial substitution at half time bringing on the mighty Georgie Simon. George has been known for his temper issues in the past but he seemed to have put them all behind him and commanded the team for long periods of this defiant performance. Ciara Keenaghan, remember the name! This girl is special! Quick feet, great lines of attack and a wicked right boot… the same right boot that puts “UNICORRRRRRNS” 2-1 up with 10 to go!

Mixed Nuts stunned… “COME ON NUTS” cries Steve Hickey, usually so composed at the back. The ball at his feet Steve looks up and picks out the holding midfielder Sophie Giakoumidis, she turns, carries the ball forward, sees Celia Joyce making a run in behind the defensive line, Sophie threads the ball like cotton through the eye of a needle. No space for a touch Celia hits it first time, the crowd holds their breath, its rising, rising, “ITS IN, ITS ONLY FUCKIN IN” what a goal from Celia, a real collectors item that goal!

2-2 5mins to go. GAME ON!

The momentum of the game had really changed with the goal and saw the Unicorns defending valiantly from repeated attacks from the Nuts. “An unstoppable force meets an immoveable object” this is how this game was beginning to look. Must be a draw, must be…

Both teams exhausted nearing the final whistle, a draw, a fair result… but will somebody become a hero, a thing of legend? Step up Alasdair Dolan, a magical passing move saw the whole Nuts team touch the ball, from one end of the pitch to another in a matter of seconds! A Wrigley cross sent the ball into the danger zone of the Unicorns penalty area…. Dolan leaping like a Salmon he rose above the defenders and heads the ball top bins, there was no way the keeper could have got to it! I CANT BELIEVE IT! 3-2 NUTS!

By the time the ball had stopped spinning in the back of the net it was over, the final whistle went! The teams congratulate and commiserate each other, mutual respect all round. Great game!

(Danny Skidmore – “This game was genuinely the best game I have hosted during my time at urban rec. Although competitive the game was played in the right spirit and everyone involved had the best time.)

Disclaimer – Some of the above details were slightly exaggerated or completely fabricated, but the FACT of the matter is that the game was amazing and both teams played in true Urban Rec spirit.

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