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New Member Perk: Secret Cities
Aug 20

New Member Perk: Secret Cities

August 20, 2018 - 2 years ago

The thing about living in a big city, is sometimes you can take it completely for granted. Instead of travelling to new and exciting locations on the weekend, you find yourself back at the local cafe, walking around the local park, day dreaming about times and places you used to visit when you were travelling. 

Well, thats me anyway. I have a major thirst for adventure, but I find myself in a proverbial rat race.

But this company is going to disrupt your (our) weekends in a very exciting way. 

“Think Amazing Race meets treasure hunt meets walking tour on RedBull. You’ll be exploring the city with your team on a high-speed race around town; finding clues, performing challenges – and searching for hidden gems that even the locals don’t know about.”

Interested? Of course you are. Secret Cities is relatively new, but very established adventure race company, and naturally Urban Rec has jumped on board for the fun-train. Cos we love this stuff!

They host monthly events at all different parts of the city and have even taken the show on tour to Canberra. 

You can book in with a team of 5, or just like Urban Rec, join as a solo person and you will be matched with a team, VOILA! New friends. 

All Urban Rec members will get a whopping 50% off team or individual registration into any one of their events. All you need to do is enter the code “URBANREC50” when booking. 

But theres more in store! Our Social Committee are planning both small and large scale events for you to join. It’s going to be buck wild, so keep an eye on our social page for upcoming events. (or head stay tuned on Facebook)

We are so pumped to have this new partner on board for all our members. You’re welcome.

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