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Return To Recess
Aug 21

Return To Recess

August 21, 2017 - 3 years ago

Return to Recesss  is a new and exciting way to add a dash of fitness into your week.  This is a brand new way of keeping fit through sport, and other funtions and games. At Return to Recess, you will return to your inner child, and play some of the fun games you did in Primary and Highschool. 

Expect, warm-up games from your childhood, obstacle courses, playground inspired fitness, dynamic yoga flows, functional mobility, circuit challenges, and sports, & team training. This workout is going to be unpredictable, fun, and completely comprehesive. 

The workout is split into 4 “Periods”

Period 1 you will be returning to recess and playing adaptations of those games you played as a junior burger. Think stuck in the mud, Simon Says, Duck, duck goose – but with an extra twist of difficulty and fitness. 

Period 2 it’s P.E. and your coach with work all major parts of the body through drills, and skills to develop your sporting prowess. Each week we have a sport theme, meaning you will be learning something new each time you show up. 

Period 3 it’s GAME ON, and you will be representing your team on the playground arena. Find out the joys of playing sports not only to win, but to trick your body into a cardio workout like no other. 

Period 4 is all about rest and recovery. This is where we cool-down, chillout, and give that body some TLC. We will take you through some flow, some yoga and the worlds greatest stretch. Take a moment to think about how good you just did, and high five your team mates. 

WHO WOULD LIKE THIS? This workout is perfect for those people that get super bored working out. If going to the gym is like a punch in the face, then you will dig Return to Recess. You will be tricked into actually enjoying your workout through games, sport, and actual fun. 

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