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Urban Rec say "Hello" to North Sydney
Aug 3

Urban Rec say "Hello" to North Sydney

August 3, 2017 - 3 years ago

As we expand, so too does the demand for actual social, fun, and well organised sports. We have a good chunk of our 6,500 members who live or work north of the bridge, so this Spring we are sailing north, and here are a few of the things we are going to be offering. 

  1. SOCIAL, BEGINNER FRIENDLY COMPS We pride ourselves on bringing you leagues that are actually fun, and targeted at teams and individuals that don’t take themsleves or the game too seriously. This is about fitness, new friends, and a bit of fun. Take it too seriously and be a dick and we’ll kick you out. Not kidding. 
  1. DIFFERENT SPORTS, AND STYLES OF PLAY Fast5 Netball is a more interesting version of Netball. Street Soccer is basically Soccer, but prison rules. Multisport is the BEST. You play with one team, but a different sport every week. 
  1. DISCOUNTS AND SPECIALS AT NORTH SYDNEY CLUBHOUSES Urban Rec think the ‘third half’ is just as important as the first and second. We work with local pubs to get you discounts and deals so you can enjoy a frothy one after the game with your new friends. 
  1. LEAGUES THAT HAVE A START TIME NO LATER THAN 7.15PM We get that most of you are finishing work and coming straight to your game. That means waiting around the office till 9pm is basically hell. So we schedule games right after work, and no later. 
  1. INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION Just because your work mates don’t want to play – doesn’t mean you should miss out. You can choose to sign up as an individual through Urban Rec for $125 per season. That’s literally $12.50 per game. Super cheap. Also… a great way to meet new mates. #squad

register as an individual $125


Tuesdays – Fast5 Netball at North Sydney Oval

​6:30, and 7:15pm games. Mixed League. (Register your interest)

Register your team $750

Wednesdays – Multisport at Ridge St Tennis

​6:30, and 7:15pm games. Mixed League. 

Register Your Team $900

Thursdays – Street Soccer at Ridge St Tennis

6:30, and 7:15pm games. Mixed League. 

Register your Team $880

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