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Playing Flag Gridiron, Here's Your Options
Jul 5

Playing Flag Gridiron, Here's Your Options

July 5, 2017 - 3 years ago

Mondays – A new mixed league at Camdenville Park, St Peters which is specifically for teams that are new, or have only played 1-2 seasons. This league is really for the purpose that new people can come in and try the league but not feel intimidated. Can you play if you are an experienced team? Yes! But be aware the skill level is RECREATIONAL. Fun, easy games. 

Thursdays – The existing Thursday night league played at varying locations in the Inner West (Camperdown, Marrickville, etc, depending on council availability. This league is for Intermediate, or Intermediate PLUS, meaning it will be more competitive, and we are only asking teams to play who have a few seasons under their belt, or have played before, and are confident. It is a MIXED league, but only 1 female required on the field. 

  • Start date: Thu 7 September (start dates may vary depending on registrations!)
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Intermediate Plus
  • Duration: 6 weeks (may extend if we get enough teams)
  • Rego fee: $660 per team, or $75pp
  • Rego Link: https://sydney.urbanrec.com.au/register/league/5660

Tuesdays – Centennial Park League for our Eastern Suburbs friends. This is going to be a varied Mixed-gender season, meaning all abilities will be welcome. We aim to get 8 teams confirmed, so we can do a seeded Season, meaning you play teams to your level in the final 3 weeks. 

  • Start date: Tue 5th September (Start date may vary depending on registrations)
  • Skill Level: Recreational, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus
  • Duration:  10 weeks
  • Rego fee: $990 per team, or $125 per individual rego
  • Rego Link: https://sydney.urbanrec.com.au/register/league/5658
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