Urban Rec - Sydney's Sport and Social Club

The Optimists

April 1, 2015 - 6 years ago

I recently saw this trailer on my Facebook feed, and it seriously hit me to the bone. It represents so much of Urban Rec and here is why:

Take a look. 

1. Sport is not always about the sport. The main reason I am passionate about what we do at Urban Rec is because I am passionate about bringing people together. Sometimes, we just need a good reason, a common interest, a common goal to get us together. It's part of what structures, and maintains long lasting relationships. 

2. Being juvenile is amazing. Most of our members are young, but one day, we are all going to be old. It's inevitable. Being young is a state of mind. Even as we see people approaching their 30's we seem to have this idea that being an adult means being serious, and.... well,boring! It doesnt have to be that way. Be a giant kid, have fun, laugh at yourself, and keep building new experiences always. I hope our members can take this methodology with them into their 90's.

3. Losing is OK. Learning how to be a good loser is such an integral part of playing sport, and playing life. If you can understand that sport is very little about winning, and very much about having a go. Now, I am not saying we are all going to get a participation medal at the end of the season. But be OK that you lost, and be happy for those that won. It's a very liberating feeling.

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