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Netball Hints and Tips
Jul 10

Netball Hints and Tips

July 10, 2013 - 8 years ago

Sometimes, it pays to be clever. Urban Rec Netball staff have put together some of their best hints, and tips you may not have thought of, or know. Use this in your weekly league nights, along with a big fat smile, and good attitude. 

  1. Did you know you can run around the outside of the pole and under the net of you are attacking or defending in the goal circle. It's a great way to escape defence, and find a better position in the goal circle
  2. Play your tallest players in more dominant positions like GA and GD
  3. Choose your power play carefully, get to know if you're team play better off the bat or if the play better warmed up
  4. Three pointers are worth the risk, if you have a good shooter, they don't only have to play shooter, they can play another offending position like GA, and score for the team from outside the circle. If you score 3 points in your power round, you're looking at 6 points. 
  5. On the other hand, three pointers in your power round, are a big risk. If you miss all your shots, you may end up not taking advantage of your power round.  
  6. When defending, stick on your opposing player. It might seem obvious, but this is the best way to keep them from scoring
  7. Be careful of big lobbed throws, they can be good if throwing to a taller person, but remember if there are tall people on the opposition, it gives them an easy way to intercept. 
  8. If you are a shooter, and you land, you can actually take another step forward n your pivot foot. Your defender will have to get back, and you can get in a better position for the shot. 
  9. Rebounds are your friend, they can be the pivotal moment in between goal, and no goal, make sure your GK or GD is always ready 
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