SYD Autumn Flag Gridiron Cammeray [Sun]


🏅 SKILL LEVEL: This league is for RECREATIONAL TEAMS. This means it is the perfect league for someone who has never played before, or who are looking to play after a long time. Our staff will teach you everything you need to know. Click here to see an explanation of skill levels

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 TEAM SIZE: There are 6 people required on the field at all times, with a minimum of 1 of either gender at any time. We recommend having a team list of at least 8-10 people to allow for subs, and players attendance. Click to view Team Roster Instructions and Default & Subs Policy. 

🌤 OUTDOOR FIELDS: Because the fields are outdoors, you can expect about 1-3 rescheduled games per season. BUT we will always ensure your paid games are played. (not cancelled, just rescheduled) Our wet weather policy can be found here.

🤸 YOUR DEDICATED STAFF: Your Event Host is Richard.  The Event Host is in charge of running the games, teaching you the rules, and coaching you and the teamas needed. Your League Manager is Lindsay.  She is there to ensure you guys have an epic experience, and enjoy each of your league nights. 

🎽 WHAT TO BRING:  We provide all the equipment you need. Wear normal runners and active wear. If you choose to wear studded boots, please note no metal studs are allowed. Make sure you bring a black, and a white t-shirt each week. Your team does have the option to nominate a team colour, but make sure you talk to your League Manager before you order anything.  

🚘 GETTING THERE:  This season we are playing at Tunks Park in Cammeray.  Tunks Park is located in Brothers Avenue, Cammeray. The field is accessible by bus or there is car parking available on site.  Toilets and change rooms are located on site. We are playing at field 4, which is beyond the overhead bridge.

🍺 YOUR LOCAL CLUBHOUSE: This league is sponsored by The North Sydney Hotel. Make sure you and your team get together post game for a few celebratory drinks! For a list of all the Urban Rec Clubhouses in Sydney, click here.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  TEAM REGISTRATION:  Team rego is payable upfront, and that fee is all you will have to pay. You can choose how many people you’d like to have on the team including subs. The fee’s for this league are at the bottom.

🙋 INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: Don’t have a team? No problem, register as an individual, and we will match you with a team, cost is $135 per person. That is the only cost you will have for the season.  Individual Player FAQs and Individual Teams Policy. 

💁‍♀️ JUST PLAY INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: If you're looking for the next level of team management, Just Play offer individual registration into this league. They sort uniforms, manage the team’s attendance each week and ensure your season is carefree. Click here for more details

💰 RESERVE YOUR TEAM WITH A DESPOSIT: If you’re in charge of organising the team, you might be still collecting everyone’s cashola to be able to register. To make it easy, reserve a team spot and secure your space by paying a desposit online here.

📝 ADDITIONAL POLICIES: here are the additional Urban Rec Policies, and FAQ’s. Remember, Urban Rec does not provide personal injury insurance. You can read more about our insurance and injury policy here. 

Skill Level: Recreational

Gender: Coed

Day of the Week:

8 weeks

Start Date: 31 Mar 2019

Game Times:
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM (Sunday)

Team Fee: $750.00 (Tax incl.)

Individual Fee:
$80.00 (Tax incl.)


[Cammeray] Tunks Park
Brothers Avenue
Cammeray, New South Wales 2062