Rain Out Policy

All indoor leagues will run irrespective of weather. For outdoor leagues, all official rain-out calls will be made by 4pm on the day of the game, you will be notified by email.

Sometimes, in spite of our best intentions the weather can take a turn for the worse between the times we make the decision to play at 4:00 pm and the start of scheduled games at 6:30pm, so here is a timeline for weather calls leading up to your game time.


  • We make a call dependant on current weather conditions, as well as court and field conditions safety and closures.
  • No notification or email, means play on.
  • If courts are too wet, we will likely cancel and reschedule due to your safety.
  • If fields are closed by our facility owners, we will cancel and reschedule.


  • If rain starts in between the 4pm call and game start time, our staff will make a final assessment of the conditions when they arrive at the venue.


  • Games begin. If heavy rain appears during games, the Event Host will make an assessment based on safety and may stop play if they do not feel the conditions are safe for our members 
  • If games can be re-scheduled, they will be
  • Sometimes games continue in light rain at grass fields
  • All-weather pitches play on for all levels of rain, except electric storms
  • If the first game, or any thereafter are cancelled, remaining teams will be notified via email
  • If a game is cancelled during play, remaining games will be cancelled
  • If Urban Rec decides that scheduled games are on and conditions are safe, and a team chooses not to compete, that game will be considered a forfeit/default and will be subject to the Urban Rec’s forfeit and default policy


  • First call will be made at 12pm
  • Final call will be made at 2:30pm when our staff reach the venue.
  • After 3pm a rolling will be made by on site hosts – if they decide that the weather has gotten to bad to play, then Captains chat and All members will be emailed immediately.

**Please note, that if games are ON you will NOT be notified, so please assume all games are going ahead unless informed otherwise.**

**Please DO NOT call the enquiry line – this will aid an earlier rain out decision and is often not manned outside usual office hours**


Your safety is paramount, and our Event Hosts and staff will work to protect your safety to the best of their knowledge. If you personally feel unsafe, you do NOT need to continue to play. We expect you to take certain personal precautions to protect your own personal situation.


  • Where possible rained out games will be rescheduled for up to 2 weeks, as a result the season end date might be delayed and the season might be extended.
  • Whist we do everything possible to have all your games played, sometimes with booking limitations this is not possible. 
  • Sometimes this means we need to create double-header games to ensure we complete the season in a nominated time.
  • Some extreme circumstances like venues without lights, means some games cannot be replayed. These games will not be refunded
  • Each league will be managed on a case by case basis with the interest of member experience as our top priority.