The UR Draft

Our Urban Rec Draft is an amazing member perk that provides free access for registered individual players to join eligible teams for free. You will be placed onto the roster of your team for the entire duration of the season. 

Terms and Conditions

  • The Draft is updated every week (Monday 5pm) with all the eligible teams that have spots available.
  • The Draft is always live throughout the season and subject to change as and when teams become available.
  • Drafted players are expected to commit to an entire season (or the remaining games of the season) with the team.
  • Eligible draftees must be active individual players in the current season and nominate themselves to be drafted into any of the eligible teams.


The below draft allows you to choose a sport, location and team that suits you. All you need to do is contact your league manager to get added to the team roster, FOR FREE.

LAST UPDATED: 15th April , 2024

Touch , ES Marks (Mondays)

Females Only
Every Monday, 6 weeks of play
Contact: [email protected]

Netball, Town Hall (Tuesdays)

Males and Females
Every Tuesday, 9 weeks of play
Contact: [email protected]

Netball, Camperdown (Thursdays)

Males and Females
Every Thursday, 10 weeks of play
Contact: [email protected]