Winter Season Ender Flag Gridiron Tournament

What is a Season Ender Tourney? Instead of hosting finals, we invite all interested teams to join in a recreational Tournament. The format is generally a round robin with some play-off’s. Depending on the sport, we may also introduce some rule benders to make the games challenging and fun. 

At the end of the night we crown the Season Champions, The Fun Points winners, and also the team who won the Tournament. Then, it’s off to the Clubhouse for some more drinks, and a final toast to the season that was. 

Who can register? While we expect a lot of people from our regular season to register, all teams, across all sports are welcome to register and play for free! It’s a recreational tournament so this is the perfect chance to try out a new sport or a new location. 

Why is it free? These events are part of the perks of being an Urban Rec Member. We love hosting these Tourneys because they give you guys better value for money, and the chance to be part of a carefully curated evening of sports, competition, fun, and prizes. 

What if I miss out? Because these Tournaments have a low capacity, sometimes teams do miss out. So we suggest you have a look at other Tournaments within other sports that you and your team might like to join!

Skill Level: Recreational

Gender: Coed

Day of the Week:

1 day

Start Date: 23 Aug 2016

Game Times:
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (Tuesday)

Team Fee: $0.00 (Tax incl.)

Individual Fee:
$0.00 (Tax incl.)


[Centennial Park] E S Marks Athletic Field
ES Marks Field Anze Pde.
Sydney, New South Wales 2021