• The number of players shall be four (4) players.

  • The team must include a minimum of one (1) male, one (1) female and all remaining players can be any gender including gender diverse people.

  • Please consider our Default, Forfeit, and Substitute Policy (insert link)

  • Substitutes can be used as long as they have created an account and signed the most up to date Urban Rec waiver. During game play, substitutes can be made at any point in the game as long as the Event Host is notified. 



The game is played as three (3) sets which normally end after about 40 minutes


Rebound Volleyball is played on a squash court. The ball will be “out of bounds” when while crossing the net it hits the ceiling, back wall of the opponent's side or two walls consecutively on service, volley or block. Ceiling and back wall on own side is in bounds if own player touches it.


Scissors, Paper, Rock will determine first service or choice of court side. Teams will swap sides after each set.


A point is scored when the ball hits the floor or fails to return over the net. There are 21 points in a set. The team who wins the set will be given one point. Three sets are playing during the game. 


  • The ball is to be served after the Event Hosts whistle.

  • The ball may only be served over or under-arm.

  • One foot must be touching the back of the court

  • The ball may only contact the divider-net on the serve, but must make it over otherwise the point is lost.

  • Blocking, Spiking or attacking a serve is Illegal.

  • The ball must be hit cleanly with one hand or any part of the arm after being tossed or released and before it touches the ground.

  • The player will only have one attempt at a successful serve.

  • The serve may be hit from anywhere along the baseline

  • The serve may hit one (1) side wall on you or your opponents side.

  • The serve must not hit the back wall, otherwise the point is lost.


Each team is entitled to a maximum of three hits to return the ball over the net. A ball cannot contact below the waist. No kicking. A player may not contact the ball twice consecutively, unless the ball is deemed hard-driven by the umpire - i.e. in a block situation. On a block, if two opposing players touch the ball, the teams still has 3 hits.


When the ball is sent into the opponent's court it must pass over the net. While crossing the net, the ball may touch the net. A ball hit into the net may be retrieved and played over the net within the team's limit of three hits. If the ball is only partly across the net, and the opponent hits it, it is good. Touching the net is not allowed by players, unless the ball is driven into the net and the net hits the player.


The opponent cannot block a serve.  If any part of the ball has crossed the vertical plane, a free ball is in effect and both teams are entitled to it. On a block, if two opposing players touch the ball, the teams still has 3 hits.


The opponent cannot block the set. If any part of the ball has crossed the vertical plane, a free ball is in effect and both teams are entitled to it. A ball on the vertical plane above the net is open to both sides.

  • In the attack, the player must contact the ball before the ball has completely crossed over the net. I.e. it cannot just rebound back into the opponent’s court for the point without your team touching it.

  • When attacking, a ball cannot hit the back wall of your opponent’s side of the court. This is automatically out, and the point is lost.

  • A ball crossing below the net across the vertical plane can be played back by your side if it is not over (3) three hits.

  • A ball on the vertical plane above the net is open to both sides.

  • A ball can hit the back wall and go over the net directly (when being played by your side), but if two walls are touched, another player must touch it before going over the net.

  • Contacting two or more walls is allowed only by the team in possession of the ball on their own side, provided a player on that team touches the ball first. The ball must also be touched by another player before going over on multiple wall hit.

  • If a ball spins across to the opponent’s side and back to yours on the 1st or 2nd hit, you can play your 2nd or 3rd hit. If it is on the 3rd hit that it spins back, loss of point or side out occurs.

  • A Ball passing through the side openings of the net is replayed.

  • Holding, pushing, scooping, lifting or carrying the ball is not allowed, it must be a clean hit.

  • Holding the ball at the top of the net by both sides is a replay.

  • If two players on the same team hit the ball simultaneously, it counts as one hit and either player can play the next hit.

  • No climbing or using the walls or players assisting each other to gain height at the net.


When ball is on your own side of the net, all walls and ceiling are in, when playing to a teammate

When hitting over the net, hitting off one sidewall is OK, back wall is out, off ceiling or more than one side wall is out.



All Urban Rec leagues, irrespective of skill level, are fun-first. Our Event Hosts facilitate a fun, safe environment for teams. They will acknowledge, coach and make calls according to your level of experience playing the game. Urban Rec leagues expect a certain level of self-officiation, meaning that players are expected to display good sportsmanship to govern their behaviour. Open communication and camaraderie between teams is encouraged.


Urban Rec Event Hosts have the final say on any issue that cannot be self-resolved.

If you are seen to be rude or not playing within the respect of the rules, your Event Host has the right to ask you to sub and take a break. If your Event Host then has to warn you more times then they have the right to ask you to leave the field or court and an assessment will be made if you can return to play. We don’t tolerate idiots, play fair.


Urban Rec seeks to provide a safe, inclusive and happy environment for our members, staff and participants. Gender diverse, transgender and non-binary participants are welcome to play within our leagues along with any sexuality and persons from any background. Urban Rec has zero tolerance for bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment. 

Note that the above details are generic Volleyball rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.