Urban Rec Escapes


As our adult lives become more and more demanding (and boring), there is often a shortage of time  to be completely care free, like the olden days. You know… to play around, do fun stuff, and not have to worry about organising anything. 

That’s where we come in, you get to be a kid again. Simply rock up, get involved, play sport, unwind and enjoy living in the moment. You will go back to work feeling like a revitalised champ.

Urban Escapes will remove you from your life, take you on a weekend of experience, health and fun, and give you the chance to act like a kid again. Set goals, get fit, recharge and spend your entire weekend grabbing life by the balls (literally).

This is an invitation for the go-getters, fun-lovers, big kids and adventure seekers. 

what to expect...

Luxury Accomodation

We have personally hand selected the homes we think you will most enjoy. It’s luxury accommodation at an affordable cost. We select homes that are completely secluded, with plenty to explore and discover nearby.

fitness & sport (urban movement)

Urban Rec are well known for making fitness fun, and the best way we know how is through sport, and playing games... with a sprinkle of variation. Expect to leave the weekend feeling like you have actually looked after your body. Heck, you might have actually become more fit, and developed some skills. 

meals to make you feel great

We will prepare and organise all your meals. That’s right, you don’t have to adult at all this weekend. Expect to eat good portion sizes, and super healthy stuff. You should go home feeling good about yourself, light on your feet. Indulgence doesnt have to mean eating bad food. 

locations a short drive from sydney

You don’t have to venture far to find greatness. All our excapes are 2-3 hours from Sydney meaning you can get there quicker, and start the wind down (and perk up) earlier.  


This is not a health retreat. We are not going to be inspecting your bags. Enjoying yourself for a weekend can also mean a few glasses of wine, or your fave beer.  Heck, we are actually adults after all.  We will bring along some healthy booze options for you to enjoy. 

activities included


Urban Movement is the experience of getting fit through, functional movement, and playfulness. Expect elements of sport, activities from your youth, yoga, and functional fitness.  The entire workout is like a big game,  you will not even realise you are #shredding. 

outdoor soccer

We will turn the space into your very own Soccer pitch. Everyone will be getting involved in a 5v5 match that will leave you feeling like you can do anything, beat anyone, and score any goal. The cardio you get from playing this, will just be a bonus. Oh – and of course, we have prizes to give away. Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get the blood pumping. 


As the sun sets, let us teach you the skills behind the best game in the world. We will run a skills session, followed by some 2v2, and 4v4 games. Yes, we have a professional volleyball coach to teach you everything you need to know.  Play, play, and then play some more. Because life is fun. 

a pool party from your childhood

Growing up sucks. It’s a trap. We are going to take you on a trip down memory lane… to your 5th birthday party. There will be fun party games, like waterballoon fights, slip n slide, pin the tail on the donkey, and pass the parcel. Get ready… all the memories are about to come flooding back. This is going to be the highlight of your weekend. 


We spend so much time sitting in front of screens. When was the last time you had a view that meant you could see as far as the eye can see? When was the last time you got lost? We have scoped out the most beautiful, challenging bushwalks in the area for you to enjoy. Lets get lost. 


One of the perks of being an adult – you learn how to treat yo’self. If you haven’t learned that yet, then let us show you. Everyone will get a 60min massage.  Keep those joints and muscles well oiled. Not to mention that getting a massage is goddam amazing. 


We want to make Urban Escapes accesible to everyone. So the main thing we have tried to achieve is including all the above activities for around $150 per night. ($300 for the weekend). Depending on the accomodation, and dates. You should expect a weekend of amazing active experiences,  good company, and the ability to calm-the-fuck-down, let-the-fuck-go.  

You have the option to join one of our upcoming escapes, or form your own for a special event. We run Urban Escpaes for a minimum of 10 people. You can join with your gals, the guys, or a mix of your regular squad. 

Here is our upcoming event...

Spring Escape 1-3 September 2017