Comeback Season Flag Gridiron Waterloo [Mon]

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:mask: COVID-19 COMEBACK SEASON: Due to ongoing restrictions, this league start date may be delayed. We have introduced a new Covid-Clean Policy to provide reassurance for you to return to social sport.

🏅 SKILL LEVEL: This league is for ALL SKILL LEVELS - beginner (recreational) or experienced (intermediate). The league may be leveled mid-season, and all teams will enjoy healthy matched competition. If enough teams register into each skill level, you will be playing against teams to match your experience. Click here to see an explanation of skill levels (choose wisely).

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 TEAM SIZE: There are 6 people required on the field at all times, with a minimum of 1 of either gender at any time. We recommend having a team list of at least 8-10 people to allow for subs, and players attendance. Click to view Team Roster Instructions and Default & Subs Policy. 

🌤 OUTDOOR FIELDS: Because the fields are outdoors, you can expect about 1-3 rescheduled games per season. BUT we will always ensure your paid games are played. (not cancelled, just rescheduled) Our wet weather policy can be found here.

📅 SCHEDULE: This league is scheduled to have 12 weeks of play, but the season could  be around 14 weeks long. We will have x2 exlusion dates on Monday 13th April and Monday 3rd June. Expect min 2-3 rain out’s per season, which will be replayed as double headers or as an extension to the season. 

🤸 YOUR DEDICATED STAFF: You get two staff members who will look after you this season. Your Event Host is the person overseeing your game, teaching you the rules and ensuring you are playing fair and fun. Your League Manager is your main point of contact and helps ensure your league is an epic experience.

🎽 WHAT TO BRING:  We provide all the equipment you need. Wear normal runners and active wear. If you choose to wear studded boots, please note no metal studs are allowed. Make sure you bring a black, and a white t-shirt each week. Your team does have the option to nominate a team colour, but make sure you talk to your League Manager before you order anything.  

🚘 GETTING THERE:  This season we are playing at Waterloo Oval in Waterloo. This field is at the intersection of Elizabeth Street and McEvoy Street in Waterloo.  It is essentially at the meeting points of Moore Park, Waterloo, Redfern and Alexandria.  It is close to Green Station and is accessible via buses along Bourke or McEvoy Streets.  If you drive, there is street parking around the fields.

🍺 YOUR LOCAL CLUBHOUSE: We work with a ton of great venues for you to socialise after the game. Your local clubhouse is usually a sponsor venue and provides prizing for our leagues. For a list of all the Urban Rec clubhouses and to find your nearest, click here.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  TEAM REGISTRATION:  Team rego is payable upfront, and that fee is all you will have to pay. You can choose how many people you’d like to have on the team including subs. The fee’s for this league are at the bottom.

:raising_hand: INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: Don’t have a team? No problem, register as an individual (or with a friend) and we will match you with a team. The cost includes tons of member perks, a team tee, access to our subs page and The UR Draft.  Check out our Individual Player FAQs.

💰 RESERVE YOUR TEAM WITH A DESPOSIT: If you’re in charge of organising the team, you might be still collecting everyone’s cashola to be able to register. To make it easy, reserve a team spot and secure your space by paying a desposit online here.

📝 ADDITIONAL POLICIES: here are the additional Urban Rec Policies, and FAQ’s. Remember, Urban Rec does not provide personal injury insurance. You can read more about our insurance and injury policy here. 

Skill Level: All Skill Levels

Gender: Coed

Day of the Week:

12 weeks

Start Date: 06 Jul 2020

Game Times:
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (Monday)

Team Fee: $1,319.00 (Tax incl.)


[Centennial Park] E S Marks Athletic Field
ES Marks Field Anze Pde.
Sydney, New South Wales 2021

[Waterloo] Waterloo Oval
Elizabeth St
Waterloo, New South Wales 2017