Sunday Summer Series 17/18

It’s not every day you hear a person from Canberra say “I’m off to the beach”. Well the reality is Urban Rec are turning your Sunday into a recreational Funday at our “Sunday Summer Series”. 

Each week you compete in a different beach sport, Beach Volleyball, Beach Touch Footy, Beach Soccer, Beach Dodgeball, Beach Netball and Beach Flag Gridiron. 

Teams are 5-aside, and each week you will play a different game on the beach. Our amazing Event Hosts will ensure you know the rules, enjoy the game and improve each week. 

When 4 o’clock rolls around, grab the squad and head to the Clubhouse for some freshies. It’s  Sunday Summer afternoon’s done right. 

Reserve your team space for $10 or get yourself onto a team for $1. It’s stupidly easy. Stupid. Oh and how about this vid for some sunny inspo?

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