Start Your Own League

Are you a huge fan of Urban Rec, but we don’t have a sport you love, or maybe we’re not yet in your hood?

Talk to us about running and managing your own competition. Urban Rec will support you with all of the brutal behind the scenes work that it takes to create and launch a new league. You will have the chance to create your own community of social sports players, and earn some additional money. We are now looking for League Owners in the following areas:

  • North Shore
  • Northern Beaches
  • Sutherland Shire
  • St George 
  • Parramatta

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Are you running a small sports league, and finding the time and enery needed to keep it going killing your life?

We are currently looking for leagues and competitions to join the Urban Rec family. With the support of a big community team, we can help you recruit players, secure fields, and staff, and make the end to end member experience more exciting through our extended networks, social events, and simple league management software. This means you can get on with doing what you love, and not spending half your life doing club administration!

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See the League Owner Info Pack